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So playing my normal lunchtime game of racquetball last wed, almost done with the third game and reaching forward for a ball, feel like someone whacked me in the heel with a nine iron. Inital bolt of pain, then just an odd “non-working” feeling in my left foot. After laying down for a bit I stood up. No real pain, just the dang foot wouldn’t work. Took a shower and noticed a bad “dent” in the back of my leg. Drove to the ER on base and had my surgery scheduled for the next day. That is when the real pain started. 18 years in the Army and this is the first “real” injury I have had. I have also been battleing a hernated disc in my C5/C6, finally had all the insurance approvals comlete to have replacement over fusion. Only problem was, it was scheduled for four days after my Achilles surgery. Spoke with both surgeons and decided to go through with both. So now I am four days after the disc replacement and a week after the rupture repair and ready to get into recovery mode.

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  1. Hi tracer,

    Well I hope all is going well after the operations, quite an ordeal to have both but you might as well get it all done at the same time.

    I have cervical spondylosis after two accidents years ago so I know a little of your condition and I ruptured my achilles 13 months ago.

    Welcome to our ‘club’ you will have plenty advice on here for any problems. Take care.


  2. Thanks for the “welcome”. My biggest complaint is that it happened right at the start of our very short, but oh so fun, Alaska summer. My 8 year old is not happy about the delay in his salmon fishing season. Looking very forward to getting into a walking boot so I can at least be a little more mobile.

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