Ice skating at 3 months

Following the plan and moving along. I just starting ice skating at 3 months and hope to be playing hockey again in another month or so. Swelling and scare tissue are making the skates a bit tight, but that will get better.

swelling question

So I am in recovery mode, spent a month in a hard cast, NWB, now have been in the cam walker for two weeks. Physical therapy is going well, but the swelling is not going down. I elevate and ice every evening, but have a hard time at work. I’ve had it swell up so much I can’t get into the cam walker. Physical therapist says it is not abnormal, but I know it is limiting my range of movement, not to mention hurting like hell.
Any suggestions or ideas?

walking boot question

So I was at the medical supply store and the physical theripist asked me what kind of walking boot I was going to get. He said more and more docs were going with the ankle high boot instead of the one all the way over the calf. Was wondering what the people in here have to say. Thanks…

Appreciate the input, into my walking boot today, went with the over the cast one…actually the military didn’t give me much of a choice, they only had one, guess that shouldn’t have been much of a surprise to me!  I have three shims right now…how the hell do girls walk in high heels?  Told my wife I needed to borrow one of her heels for my right foot so I can walk.


So after reading all the blogs about aggressive therapy and putting the boot on as soon as possible, I went to my surgeon armed with info and ready to get a walking boot at just under three weeks. My bubble was burst when she told me she doesn’t put walking boots on Army guys too early, only Air Force, because the Army guys push to hard and re-rupture them. Talk about prejudice! (she is is an AF Major). So I did end up with a smaller hard cast that is about 1/2 the weight. She wanted to leave it on for four more weeks (total of 7 weeks to walking boot), but I talked her down to two more. So hopefully next Friday.

New to the club

So playing my normal lunchtime game of racquetball last wed, almost done with the third game and reaching forward for a ball, feel like someone whacked me in the heel with a nine iron. Inital bolt of pain, then just an odd “non-working” feeling in my left foot. After laying down for a bit I stood up. No real pain, just the dang foot wouldn’t work. Took a shower and noticed a bad “dent” in the back of my leg. Drove to the ER on base and had my surgery scheduled for the next day. That is when the real pain started. 18 years in the Army and this is the first “real” injury I have had. I have also been battleing a hernated disc in my C5/C6, finally had all the insurance approvals comlete to have replacement over fusion. Only problem was, it was scheduled for four days after my Achilles surgery. Spoke with both surgeons and decided to go through with both. So now I am four days after the disc replacement and a week after the rupture repair and ready to get into recovery mode.

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