First PT session

June 8, 2012

I had my 2nd follow up appointment earlier this week.  Doc said I was healing well and said and it was time start PT.  I was given a slight plan of attack for my rehab.  It’s still ok to walk around the house without crutches in the boot.  I can work myself off crutches completely over the next 3 weeks.  After that, I am to wear the boot and work my way out of that over the next 3 weeks.  The plan is to walk around the house at night for an hour barefoot for a few nights and build to 2 hours and so on until I reach about 4 hours.  Then I should be able to start taking adventures with 2 shoes outside.  So that gives me about 8 weeks before 2 shoes from date of surgery if I calculated that right.  I was told to coordinate this with my PT of course.  Doc says that he’s comfortable with me being able manage my way through the therapy, so he says, “see you in 8 weeks!”  Only I won’t because he’s moving out of state.  But that’ another story.

Attended my first PT and the therapist was suprised to see me so soon after surgery.  Only 4 weeks.  PT asked me what restrictions I had and I let him know that basically, I can walk on the boot at home as long as I can handle the discomfort and there is no pain.  I’m just not able to walk without the boot at this time.  Again, the therapist was a little suprised.  So the dilema I now face is that I have an agressive surgeon and a conservative PT.  Who do I listen to?  Probably my body.

My dorsiflexion is at -26 degrees, which is a good starting point the therapist says.  The therapist poked and prodded a little, but I didn’t feel any pain.  This was just the evaluation phase though.  A little electric stim on the foot and I was out the door.  I’m anxious to get this rolling and make some incremental progress.

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  • 1. kimjax  |  June 8th, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    I’m so jealous of your Dorsiflexion. I’m just trying to get to zero. I feel like I’m stretching a board! You sound like your body is not balking at the weight - mine is not happy and shows it by swelling and pain at the ankle after any PWB. Sounds like you’re healing quickly - best wishes moving forward!

  • 2. starshep  |  June 8th, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    My doctor told me I would be in 2 shoes at about 10 weeks but the therapist didn’t even start the transition until then. The therapist will be more familiar with your progress so I’d put more faith into what that person says. Still if you feel you they aren’t going fast enough to meet your doctor’s expectations, you could always use that as a point of discussion with your therapist. I had to do some basic strengthening and balance exercises before I could safely get into 2 shoes.

  • 3. tpj25  |  June 8th, 2012 at 7:55 pm


    I hope I’m explaining my dorsiflexion right. I’m not sure how it all works. But what I know is that my normal flexion is 20 degrees. I’m -6 degrees from zero. Add the difference together and I’m -26 degrees. So I have a ways to go. The good news is that I don’t have any pain in the tendon. My ankle is most “frozen” at this point because it hasn’t moved in 2 months.


    I think you’re right about listening to the therapist. He did say that he would check in with the Ortho to make sure I’m remaining on pace for what he prefers. My biggest problem is that I feel that I’m at the mercy of the ortho, therapist and my ankle. I really don’t have any control over the situation per se. Doing things my own way or at my own pace could end up being disastrous.

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