Back on track, NEW YORK, here I come!

Long time since last post. My New York Marathon entry is OK!
So, exactly 12 months and 2 days after rupture; I´m back on track. Have no problems with achilles, but it has to be “warmed up” before action. Hope weather will be nice. Here, in FjordNorway, autumn has arrived with rain, wind an 10.C. Hope your ruptures is healing too :-)

Week 11

Saturday I jogged over the livingroom - floor, twice! Very good feeling, but only a test. Yesterday, walking in terrain – that was great exerice for my ancle. I will continue dayly terrainwalking (when weather allows it:-). So far no pain when exercising. I know that pain is NOT good for rehab, and should absolutely be avoided.
Does anybody know when to start easy jogging? And how to progress.

All the best!

Ruptured Oct 23. 2011. N.Y. maraton Nov. 2012?

My name is Tor, Norwegian 53 year male maraton runner. My hometown, Eivindvik “city” abt 300 inhabitants! 2,5 hours by car from Bergen (Fjord Norway Capital). Married to Anita; first time maraton runner Berlin 2011 :-)

I total ruptured my Achilles playing wolleyball (23.10.2011). Now, after 11 weeks Im “cycling ” and “skiing” in the gym, total “14 km” every second day, 45 min. Without pain. “Warming up” my leg is essential. Getting better every day. But still my ancle is a bit swelling, but no pain.

My wife and I are participating NY maraton nov. 2012. (possible ?) thanks!