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‘Peggy Snyder qualifies for American Ninja Warrior’

Well OK…yeh, that’s not a picture of me…..it’s a picture of one of the gals trying to qualify for America Ninja Warrior….and no I haven’ t qualified :)   But you might as well have told me I could try out after my appointment this morning with the doc!!! Wooo Hooo!!!

But I digress….it has not been all fireworks, baloons and confetti.  Yes a while back (whenever I wrote my last post) he had given me permission to start back at the gym slowly.  And that is what I did.  But the old ankle/tendon keeps reminding me that it is NOT healed and that it demands I take it slowly and one step at a time, lest it will raise it’s ugly head, get all inflamed and let me know who’s boss!

Then the strangest thing happened.  Both my physical therapist and my doctor suggested (as others have in the past) that it might be time for me to get some new running/walking/exercise shoes.  So I did.  I got a pair of New Balance New Balance 1765, Silver with Diva Pink

and a pair of AsicsASICS® Gel - Noosa Tri 8 - Women's - Flash Yellow/Flash Pink/Multi

(Yes even when you’re 65 you like to be " stylin’ "….or at least I do).  To my great surprise the guy at Academy told me I’d been buying my shoes too small….always thought I wore an 8 (sometimes an 8 wide)….but I ended up getting an 8 1/2 in the New Balance and a 9 in the Asics and what a difference those new sizes have made.

So I’m going along like a kid with new toys and thought I’d be bright and put the orthodic that my first podiatrist had given me to boost my heel up a little (after all I’d been wearing them in my old tennis shoes!!??) I started having burning, hurting pain in my ankle…relating it to perhaps not going slow enough in my return to exercise.  My kids were coming from out of state for a week visit and I did not want to be in that pain while they were here…..so I called and got a "squeeze in" appt. with my doctor.

"So Peggy, what have you been doing differently lately?"

……Told him about my exercises, told him I got new shoes….nothing really unusual.

"Are you sure there’s nothing else?"

…..hmmmm let me think????? The only other thing I can think of is that I put the orthodic inserts into my new shoes.

"Let me see your shoe and the orthodic."  (remember he’s not the doc who gave them to me)

"Ah ha!…. See how the orthodic is built up more on the right side and see how the New Balance shoe has a kind of built in orthodic ….also built up more on the right side to support the ankle.  Well by putting the old orthodic in you are doubling the pronation and putting an unnatural  torque on the ankle….. and you’ve got it inflamed and swollen"

Well dang…..I guess that’s what I get for trying to self medicate (with the old orthodic)….guess for a minute I thought I was a podiatrist! So he put me on a 6 day pack of prednisone and told me to take the old pain meds if I needed them.  Took the meds, the kids came for a visit, I watched them zipline, took them to San Antonio River Walk and now they’ve gone and so has the rude pain in my ankle…………oh and also gone is the orthodic in my shoe….don’t need it….

So that brings us to today.  This morning at 9:30 I had a follow up appointment.  I am 15 weeks and 2 days post surgery and was told I was a prize patient. :) Yesterday I got released from physical therapy and today the doc told me to "go for it".  That’s what he said when I ask if I can start fitness classes, spin classes, kick boxing, power walking…..   GO FOR IT!  In my mind I heard…..SURE YOU CAN TRY OUT FOR AMERICA NINJA WARRIOR!  Ha Ha!   He must have seen the wild ‘Parkour’ , Ernestine Shepherd- body builder, Kickboxing, Marathon, Power Walking lights go off in my eyes because he got this huge smile on his face…..and said…"Now Peggy what is the one word we cannot forget?"   Hmmmmm….  yep you know what it is……..

I know… I know.  Believe me I am going to go slow.  I may be power walking, kickboxing, body building, leaping over tall buildings in my mind, but my 65 year old body….and especially my 65 year old ankle  (wait wait….I’m only 64…I won’t be 65 till November)….I’m good to go!   :)  No my 64 year old body is going to take this wonderful ‘release to return to being me’ at a very slow pace.  After all my husband said if I do anything to re-damage the ankle and am laid up again….I might as well tell the doc to just shoot me!  :)

So that’s where I am….standing at a place in the tunnel where I can see the light of day clearly, just have to remind myself continually that I’m not through the tunnel opening yet.

My best to all of you especially those of you who are just 1 day post surgery and think the dark abyss had covered you.  It does get better…it just takes time.  I’ll be back to encourage you and let all my ATR friends know how I’m progressing.  And lest you think I was kidding………..look out America Ninja Warrior competition of 2014!!

(No not really! )  But I do see at least a half marathon next year!  Onward and upward!

July 12th, 2013 at 12:36 pm
3 Responses to “Free to be me….well sorta!”
  1. 1
    normofthenorth Says:

    Good luck with all of it, Peggy! Heck, I barely REMEMBER 64! (But then, memory is the first to go! :-) )

    Full marks to your Doc — was that an overworked OS?? — for spotting the problem with your shoe alignment. Sounds exceptional to me. In 2013, “history” has been largely replaced with high-tech diagnostics, which would never have found the offending orthotics.

  2. 2
    lodinpdx Says:

    I loved your post - particularly the Ninja pic! Thanks for sharing and sounds like you are doing great…and being smart about it! I keep sensing a theme in this group - none of us are good at this going slow thing! Must be what put us in the club in the first place!

  3. 3
    kellygirl Says:

    Great post, Peg! Sounds like you are doing amazingly well! Good info on the shoes as well. Can’t wait to see you on American Ninja :)


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