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I’ve been down to San Antonio with my Mom and busy sewing curtains….but doing well on recovery….tomorrow I do 8 hours in  a tennis shoe….weaning myself off of the boot.  I promise I’ll write more tomorrow..
For those of you still in your cast and maybe just a few days post surgery….it does get better…honest!  I [...]

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A faint glow on the eastern horizon
gets brighter
as if someone were blowing on ashes
lights up more ash clouds
until there is no doubt
the fire is lit
the day will come
from yesterday’s coals.
(part of a poem by Ruby R. Wilson…called "Birthday Sunrise")
I read those words (part of a poem by Ruby Wilson) on another blog I read called [...]

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It is just the most gorgeous day here in Georgetown…86 degrees very few clouds in the sky and me grinning from ear to ear. I just went outside and walked 3/4 of a mile (in boot). I guess maybe truth be known I hobbled 3/4 of a mile…..but in my heart and in [...]

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Last Wednesday, May 8, 2013, I went for my first evaluation at physical therapy.
I chose to go to the same sports injury therapy clinic I had gone to before the surgery and asked for the same therapist…because I liked him and felt confident of his knowledge of how to rehab my tendon and help me [...]

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I’ve written a post 5 times today….and every time I publish it and then go back to edit it…and update…the post is gone.
Guess I’ll go do my exercises and try again later….

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Well it’s been a beautiful day.  The sun is shining, it’s 82 degrees and I got to do a little gardening today! YEA!   I love working in my gardens and having flowers all over my yard and I’ve missed that in the last 5+ weeks……and it just felt wonderful to get out and pull [...]

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Is there no place on this blog to be able to change font or font size.  I can’t seem to find it!???

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Woooooo Hoooooo!
I went to the doctor today…for my 5 week check up.  I couldn’t be happier!  He took one of the 1 1/4" soft foam lifts out of the heel of my boot and told me things were looking great.  My new instructions are that from today until next Wednesday, I [...]

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