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Sep 06 2013

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13 Weeks Post Op/1st Week PT!!!

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Today is my second day of physical therapy and though the hour seemed to fly by, I feel like I’ve trained for game day!  I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long while.  I researched therapists in our area and though they all have positive outcomes, the one I chose I believe will have the tools to get me back to my active lifestyle.  I long to run again!  Today I got a taste of it….he ha he AlterG antigravity treadmill and I WALKED.  Those few minutes made me feel strong again as I envisioned training for my next half or full marathon.

Since my last post I’ve ha the benefit of taking many of the advice given here on the blog.  I love my VACOCAST.  I did get an EVENUP to help with my gait as my hips were beginning to hurt with the height discrepancy.  I also did proceed with the BOTOX injections into my two calf muscles.  The result is increased flexibility, less spasm and hopefully more successful recovery and rehab.  I am thankful to not have had much swelling or pain.  I never thought I would get to this point.  Thanks to my family, friends, surgery and rehab team —and of corse the Achilles Blog network today is brighter than June 1st!

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