Jul 09 2013


4weeks Postop

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Yesterday was my 4 week post op follow up.  I had little expectations about my next phase of treatment, but I was pleasantly surprised.  My ortho informed me that I could leave in boot and partially weight bearing.  I elected to recast at neutral and ordered the Vacocast shown on this site.  We also have a pain management doc who offered to administer BOTOX injections into plantaris muscle to help with my only real pain issue, muscle cramps.  It is said to also help flexibility which will help with rehab. I am still weighing my options.  It was great to see that I could flex and extend and more importantly I’m making process!  If anyone has had experience with Vacocast or BOTOX please weigh in.   Meanwhile my status is upgraded to PWB baby!!!!

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  1. bionicon 09 Jul 2013 at 11:12 pm 1

    I posted somewhere with some details about going from aircast boot to vacocast at approx day 15. Absolutely love the vacocast. Didn’t even know an injured person could love his/her cast. So much more comfortable. I also ordered the coolliner and the evenup lift for the other shoe. I have no relationship with the company, only heard about it on this blog.

    There is one thing I do not understand at all with these walking boots. The vacocast has a rocker boot which is amazing for trying to get some PWB when ankle is plantarflexed. However, I am quite surprised that there is not a product (evenup is only 1/2 inch lift) to completely even up lift with boot. My impression is that’s a very obvious and critical rehab thought as one progresses through PWB to FWB to shoes.

  2. kellygirlon 10 Jul 2013 at 3:13 am 2

    Hurray for PWB! That is a huge milestone! You are going to be doing all kinds of cool tricks pretty soon–vacuuming, carrying coffee, etc! I’ve never heard of Botox for muscle cramps. I wonder if I can convince DH that I need a Botox injection–but not in my calf? (I would think PWB might help ease the cramps too–you might not even need it.)

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