Healing Long - 2+ Years Later

26 Months 13 days Post Op #2
It’s been a year since my last post and 3 years and 10 months since my initial injury and surgery.  I still check in at achillesblog from time to time, but generally leave the commenting to the newer crop of rupturees.  I decided to add another post because I [...]

Mission Accomplished

14 Months 5 days Post Op #2
33 months to the day of my Achilles rupture and two surgeries later I finally achieved my primary recovery goal.  After all the highs and lows and twists and turns of this journey, I finished another journey this past Sunday by completing my first post-ATR marathon.  The race went [...]

An Overdue Update

28 Weeks 6 Days Post Op
It’s been awhile since my last post, as seems to be typical at this stage of recovery.  I am now around 6.5 months post-op from the second surgery, and while I try to put this injury to the back of my mind, it still remains a top priority.  I guess [...]

On This Day in History

22 Weeks 4 Days Post Op
It was 2 years ago on this day that I originally ruptured my Achilles.  Hard to believe as I never would have thought then that I’d still be dealing with the injury today.  But, I am and fortunately I’m still able to stay positive.  So tonight I’m celebrating my 2 [...]

Graston Impressions

20 Weeks 6 Days Post Op
At my last follow up appointment my surgeon suggested trying a deep massage technique called Graston to determine if some of the discomfort I’ve experienced is related to the scar tissue and any adhesions around the tendon.  My physical therapist was not certified with the Graston technique, so I needed to find [...]

20 Weeks - Graston Technique

20 Weeks Post Op
It has now been 20 weeks since my second Achilles surgery.  Progress is occurring, but it is slow.  Definitely testing my patience.  I’m still dealing with some discomfort at the distal end of the tendon and a bit of overall stiffness in the ankle which is probably a cause of the slow [...]

Still Healin’

16 Weeks 1 Day Post Op
It’s been several weeks since my last post, so I thought it was time for another update.  The 16 week mark kind of crept up quickly on me.  Unfortunately I have little to report as the progress has been a bit slow.  I try to remind myself that the progress [...]

Some Minor Discomfort

13 Weeks 1 Day Post OP
I’ve experienced a bit of discomfort in my heel over the last week since I ditched the boot in favor of two shoes.  Not necessarily painful, just tender.  It is very localized in the area where the tendon joins into the calcaneus.  Longer periods of walking seem to elevate the [...]

Goodbye Boot

12 Weeks Post Op
I visited with my surgeon yesterday and he gave me the okay to retire the boot.  The surgeon felt the tendon for a couple of seconds and then compared the tension with my good leg and declared that everything was healing well.  I can continue my rehab with no restrictions.  I’ll return in [...]

The Waiting

9 Weeks 1 Day Post Op
Tom Petty sure was right when he said “The waiting is the hardest part.”  I really wish I could fast forward to see the final results of the tendon shortening surgery.  I’m currently in my fourth week in the boot and desperate to start running and jumping around again.   Now that [...]

Starting Physical Therapy

7 Weeks 2 Days Post Op
I had my first date with the physical therapist this morning.  Today’s session was just an opportunity for us to get to know each other a bit better.  It was pretty uneventful, but we’ve agreed to see each other again!
The PT logged in my history and did the assorted measurements [...]

Progress Update - Post Op #2

6 Weeks Post Op
I went back to see the doc on Tuesday morning.  Cast #2 was removed and the surgeon reviewed my progress to date.  He seemed to be pleased with the results of the surgery and got me fitted into a walking boot.  I can ditch the crutches and begin full weight bearing as soon as [...]

Interesting Results

As many of you already know, I’ve had the misfortune of spending a year and a half on the Achillesblog network.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the comradery, it’s just that I didn’t expect to still be thinking and blogging about my Achilles tendon at this point.  Anyway, some time ago I added a [...]

Operative Report #2

I picked up a copy of the Operative Report at my pre-op appointment last week.  I was curious to read more about the technique used to shorten my tendon.  The surgeon briefly described the procedure prior to the surgery, but sensing my confusion, he admitted it would be easier if he had a picture.  I scoured the [...]

Stitches Out and a Trip to the PGA

2 Week 1 Day Post Op
I had my first post-op visit  on Thursday morning, two weeks after surgery.  It was very uneventful, which is good.  The cast tech cut off my post-op cast and gave my foot a nice cleansing scrub.  A bit of fresh air felt wonderful.  Then the nurse came in and removed the stitches.  [...]

Back to the Office

I made it back to the office full time starting this week.  I did go in for a half day last week and worked from home for a day as well to try and ease the transition.  But, I needed to get back to finish up a project.  The last two days have gone pretty [...]

I Chose To Do This??

It’s almost been a week since the surgery to shorten my Achilles tendon.  Not a whole lot of news to report.  The most difficult time was waiting for the popliteal block to wear off.  I had reservations about the block while talking to the anesthesiologist because I didn’t like the thought of not being able [...]

Healing Again - I Think

Well, I made it through surgery today.  From all accounts it sounds like it went pretty well.  Knowing a bit more of what to expect this time kept me a little less anxious.  I was even able to crack a few jokes with the staff prior to the drugs taking affect.  My fiance was able [...]

My Latest Date With The Doc

I met again with the surgeon on Tuesday.  We reviewed the results of the MRI and had a good discussion regarding the pros and cons of a surgical procedure to shorten my elongated Achilles tendon.  The MRI didn’t show much other than a very thick tendon.  That wasn’t a surprise as that is clear to [...]

Back to the Starting Line??

I was pretty confident that my last post, 7 months ago, would be the final time I blogged about my Achilles tendon. But, here I am with another post. Why, you ask? Well, my recovery has taken a new twist. It appears that I may be suffering from an elongated tendon.
My recovery went relatively well, [...]