The Waiting

9 Weeks 1 Day Post Op

Tom Petty sure was right when he said “The waiting is the hardest part.”  I really wish I could fast forward to see the final results of the tendon shortening surgery.  I’m currently in my fourth week in the boot and desperate to start running and jumping around again.   Now that I’m past the critical time for wound complications and off the crutches I’m feeling good about my decision for a second surgery.  I likely won’t be any worse off than I was prior to the second surgery, but it will be several months until I know if my calf strength improves.  The wait goes on.

I’m going to PT once a week focusing on range of motion and isometric exercises to slowly build back strength in my ankle.  The therapist added in a few leg lift exercises this week to “wake up” the other leg muscles that haven’t been stimulated for a couple of months.

I got a bit nervous after my PT appointment last week when my dorsiflexion was measured at 8 degrees.  For reference, the uninvolved side is at 15 degrees.  The PT indicated this was okay, but he didn’t want too much more dorsiflexion at this point.  So, I slowed things down a bit and really tried to focus on minimizing any dorsiflexion past neutral.  I stayed off my bike trainer this past week and stuck to the at-home exercises.  I measured in at 6 degrees of dorsiflexion today, so I’m feeling a little better.  I’ll give the bike another go this week, making sure to use more of my heel on the pedal rather than forefoot.

Everything else has gone pretty well so far.  Having no pain and pretty good range of motion makes it tempting to push ahead.  But, given my situation, I’m content to progress at a slower pace, even if I have to endure the waiting.

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  1. Dude,
    Holy …..
    Have not checked in on the site in months and the first thing I see is your name. Then read your blog about the last few months and crap. Can’t believe what you ‘re going thru. I wish you the best and agree that the surgery was the right thing to do. It will surely help you recover in the long run….pun intended.
    Let me know how its going…I’ll check more frequently now that I know one of the original bloggers is back in action…totally feel for you.
    Doc Ross

  2. Tom,
    Great to read another post from you. I remember when I was at 9 weeks and how that seemed like forever, can’t imagine a second go at it. I check daily to see if you have posted and how you are doing. I have started a series of core/hip/glute exercises recently that have really helped my back and, surprisingly, my calf, although progress is slow. The 1 hour butt workout has some merit. Can’t wait to see the pics of that calf growing!

    BTW, good to hear from you too Doc Ross.


  3. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your comments yesterday. I tried the test both you and Mazmouza mentioned and in both cases the bad foot differed (not huge differences but different) indicating the ‘too long’ achilles.

    I have just arranged my MRI scan for this afternoon at 4.15. It would appear that my ‘private’ surgeon forgot to arrange the scan so I have wasted another 5 weeks, then yesterday his office was supposed to fax the imaging centre to arrange an urgent appointment, guess what, they forgot, I rang the imaging centre myself this morning hence my appointment today. I would have been quicker using our NHS system.

    Glad you are still remaining positive, and nice to hear from Doc Ross again, it’s good to see the old names check in, but for the right reasons..

    Thanks for all your advice.

  4. Doc/Jim/Annie - Thanks for the comments and good to hear from you again. It’s starting to feel like the good ol’ days!

    Doc - Glad to hear the achilles is a distant memory. Sounds like you’re doing great! You’ll have to post a picture of that tattoo when you have a chance.

    Jim - That’s good news that you’re seeing some improvements with your new exercise program. Hopefully you can avoid a second surgery. How are the heel lifts? Any improvements? I’ll have to post some pictures next time. The calf is looking pretty sad these days and I’m anxious to get after it again.

    Annie - Sorry to hear your doctor’s office has let you down. I’m sure it has to be frustrating when you need to be so proactive in order to get anything done. They should be holding your hand through the process, not the other way around. I hope the MRI can provide some answers. It would be great if there was an alternative to a second surgery, but I’m sure at this point you just want to know one way or another. Keep me posted on the results.

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