Back to the Office

I made it back to the office full time starting this week.  I did go in for a half day last week and worked from home for a day as well to try and ease the transition.  But, I needed to get back to finish up a project.  The last two days have gone pretty well.  Most of my work is completed at a desk, in front of a computer, so I don’t feel I’m doing anything to slow my recovery.  I’m able to prop my leg up on my desk to keep it elevated, although that does spur numerous comments from my co-workers.  If only it was as comfortable as it probably looks.

Life in a cast has also brought on a Minnesota heat wave.  Just my luck.  We’ve had a very mild summer this year until this past week.  Temperatures are still pretty bearable, relatively speaking, but my leg has been a bit uncomfortable while trapped in the cast.   I’ll be happy when I go in on Thursday for a cast change.  My leg needs a few minutes to breathe.

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  1. Tom, you are an animal. Good work getting back in the swing. Somehow your post has a tone of normalcy. It’s not the post of a fresh ATR post op. Sounds like you are handling it well. Thanks for the update!


  2. Tom,

    As we Brit’s say “Good show old chap”.

    Did you see my post about showing our NHS Walk-in-Centre how to do the Thompson Test? The same centre misdiagnosed me 16 months ago, so I showed them what to do.

    Well done with the progress.


  3. Jim - I can’t explain in words how much less anxiety I have following the second surgery. I learned a lot the first time around and it’s been easier to take things in “stride” this time. Some of it is just experience, but I have to give a big thanks to Achillesblog. I think I was about 5 or 6 weeks post-op on the first surgery when Dennis started Achillesblog, so I didn’t have as many resources and recovery stories at my fingertips. I’m far better educated this time around. So, you’re right, my tone is probably a bit different. Hopefully there won’t be any new experiences to raise my anxiety level.

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