I Chose To Do This??

It’s almost been a week since the surgery to shorten my Achilles tendon.  Not a whole lot of news to report.  The most difficult time was waiting for the popliteal block to wear off.  I had reservations about the block while talking to the anesthesiologist because I didn’t like the thought of not being able to move my toes around and not knowing when the block would wear off.  But, I was kind of talked into it.  I didn’t really care too much for the anesthesiologist, but I digress.  I stayed up late the night after surgery hoping the block would wear off prior to going to bed, but I gave up at midnight.  Of course, I awoke in the middle of the night when the block finally wore off.  Fortunately the pain was manageable so I did fall back asleep after a little bit of tossing and turning.

I took Percocet the day after surgery, but didn’t care much, at the time, for the altered state of mind.  The pain wasn’t too bad so I switched over to acetaminophen the next day.  By day three I was basically drug free.  I hardly put a dent in the 90-tablet Percocet prescription.  Seriously, the clinic handed me 90 Percocet tablets.  A bit excessive, maybe?  I guess I know how I’ll be paying for this surgery if it doesn’t get covered under my insurance.

I’ve spent most of the last week reading magazines and using the “watch instantly” feature on Netflix.  I’ve watched a few movies that have been more painful than the surgery.  But, it’s been nice to kick my foot up, keeping the swelling at bay.  I may try to stop in the office for a few hours at the end of the week, but I want to make sure I give the incision a chance to heal before I try to do too much.  We’ll see how I do over the next day or two.

My cast has been a bit uncomfortable so far.  I haven’t figured out the exact source.  It may just be from the swelling following surgery.  Hopefully it won’t drive me completely crazy before I go in for my first cast change next week.  I am anxious to get a look at the incision.  It’s a little unsettling just assuming everything is healing fine.  I hope that is the case.  I’ll let you know after my first post-op visit next week.

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  1. Tom- one week down - that’s fantastic! Just keep your eye on the reason you did it, and you’ll get through. You made the right decision. Best of luck to you on your journey. At least you have the advantage of kinda knowing what to expect …looking for a silver lining here. :-)

    Best to you!

  2. Tom,

    I, too, got a bunch of Percocets (60) and took 2. I’m now selling them for $50/pill to assist in recouping savings that I lost in my 401k.

  3. Tom - glad to read about your 1st week post op. Did you have the same type of surgery as before where they used 3 smaller incisions? Glad that you are doing well.

  4. Tom, I think I watched almost everything on Netflix watch instantly after my surgery. I’m curious, it may be too early to tell, but does it feel different than post rupture surgery, or is it kind of the same so far?

    Take care,


  5. Good to hear from you Tom,

    I am really keeping my eye on you and your progress, that will determine when and if I go back to see surgeon, I still havn’t rung yet! Keep resting as much as you can to make sure all is healing and don’t rush to go to work.

    Keep the faith


  6. Dennis - The procedure was more invasive this time. The surgeon did the more standard open incision. Should make for some interesting scarring on my leg.

    Jim - A bit tough to say right now, but so far things feel pretty similar to the post rupture surgery. I feel I’m much better educated this time around, so I’m probably doing more icing and elevating than I did the first time and there is far less anxiety. That has probably helped keep the swelling down a bit. But otherwise, things feel the same.

    I will try to post as much as possible as I know my progress may influence both yours and Annie’s future decisions.

  7. Tom: I too found it easier mentally, on the second surgery. It was nice knowing how things would progress or just that they would progress. I had a little trouble mentally on my third surgery but I think that was because I felt like I had just got off the leash for my right foot and then the leash was attached to my left foot. Oh well! It’s all good now! Hang in there. When will you get to see your new incisions?

  8. Tom,

    I decided it was pointless waiting any longer so I have finally telephoned the surgeon to make an appointment. He is away until the end of August so I am booked in for a consultation on 2nd September.


  9. Annie - That’s probably a good decision. It doesn’t hurt to get the appointment in the books. You can always change your mind later. And, your surgeon may have other thoughts that could be helpful.

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