Operative Report #2

I picked up a copy of the Operative Report at my pre-op appointment last week.  I was curious to read more about the technique used to shorten my tendon.  The surgeon briefly described the procedure prior to the surgery, but sensing my confusion, he admitted it would be easier if he had a picture.  I scoured the [...]

Stitches Out and a Trip to the PGA

2 Week 1 Day Post Op
I had my first post-op visit  on Thursday morning, two weeks after surgery.  It was very uneventful, which is good.  The cast tech cut off my post-op cast and gave my foot a nice cleansing scrub.  A bit of fresh air felt wonderful.  Then the nurse came in and removed the stitches.  [...]

Back to the Office

I made it back to the office full time starting this week.  I did go in for a half day last week and worked from home for a day as well to try and ease the transition.  But, I needed to get back to finish up a project.  The last two days have gone pretty [...]

I Chose To Do This??

It’s almost been a week since the surgery to shorten my Achilles tendon.  Not a whole lot of news to report.  The most difficult time was waiting for the popliteal block to wear off.  I had reservations about the block while talking to the anesthesiologist because I didn’t like the thought of not being able [...]