Healing Again - I Think

Well, I made it through surgery today.  From all accounts it sounds like it went pretty well.  Knowing a bit more of what to expect this time kept me a little less anxious.  I was even able to crack a few jokes with the staff prior to the drugs taking affect.  My fiance was able to speak with the surgeon following the procedure and he was happy with how things went.  The surgeon reported that the tendon was very healthy although he shaved off quite a bit of scar tissue from the original surgery prior to the shortening.  He did not need the FHL transfer/augmentation because the tendon was healthy.

I opted for the spinal block versus the general anesthesia this time.  I haven’t had any problems with general in the past, but I thought I’d give the spinal block a try.  I think it was a good choice as I came to much quicker  following the surgery and so far I’ve felt a bit more alert considering I just had surgery.  They also gave me a popliteal block for post-op pain management.  Not sure I care too much for this.  While I’m not currently in any pain, I  wish I was able to move my toes.  It feels like my foot has been asleep for the past 8 hours.  Hopefully it will wear off soon, although I should probably be careful of what I wish for.

I took a couple of pre-op photos so that I’ll have something to chart my progress once I’m able to start weightbearing again.  The photos are approximate 1.5 years after the original surgery.  It’s easy to see that my right calf never regained much mass, especially on the medial side.

img_2224 img_2225

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  1. Tom, so glad you’re back and on a new, BETTER recovery road! Can’t wait to see that calf in just a few months, when we’ll all be amazed at the difference this second surgery made. It’s great to hear that, even though it was too long, your doc was able to use the healthy tendon without the transfer. I think that’s really positive news.


  2. tom - I am glad to hear that the surgery went smoothly. It was a good idea taking pictures of your legs before the surgery. Does your insurance cover the 2nd surgery as well?

  3. Hi Tom,

    Glad for you that everything went well. I had the spinal block first time and if I have to have second op I would go for that again for the reasons you say that you recover much quicker, and I was eating about 1 hour after I was back in my room!!

    Haven’t heard from my surgeon yet.

    Photo’s really good idea, I might do the same.

    Are you in a cast or a boot and for how long? Keep us posted


  4. Tom, that was a quick update! Glad all went well. I imagine it must be strange lying on your stomach, awake, while surgery is preformed on the back of your leg! Pictures were a great idea and I can’t wait to watch the progress. The medial head of the calf is the one giving me the most trouble too.


  5. Thanks all! Hopefully I’m on the right road to recovery this time.

    Dennis - As far as I know, this surgery will be fully covered. I called my insurance company twice before the surgery just to make sure. However, I won’t feel completely comfortable until I received my first statement.

    Annie - I’m currently in a cast. I’ll have this for two weeks and then the stitches will come out and I’ll go into a second cast.

    Jim - Fortunately for me, I was given a sedative along with the spinal block so I was basically out during the procedure. I was given the option to be awake, but I figured I probably would have tossed my cookies.

    Happy healing all!

  6. Tom, where are you?

    Whats happening? Hope things are going well.

  7. Hi Annie - Thanks for asking ’bout me. I’m doing fine. It’s been a pretty uneventful first week, which I guess is good. I’ll probably post a bit more detail later today.

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