Scarred For Life

Incisions at Week 10

Everyone else has been showing off their war wounds, so I thought I’d join in.  Although, I obviously won’t win any braggin’ rights.  This picture was taken after my week 10 post op visit.  As you can see and as I’ve commented before, my surgeon uses a less invasive approach when repairing Achilles ruptures.  Here is a link that describes a surgical process that was pretty similar to mine.  The less invasive approach minimizes the risk of infection and also damages less soft tissue allowing better blood flow during the healing process.

I was a little concerned early on because I didn’t read about many others who had experience with this type of surgery.  But, I had confidence in my surgeon and I liked the idea of less scarring.  I’ve read stories from others who have experienced some discomfort from shoes rubbing against the scar as they started to run again.

Anyway, I’m pleased with the results of the surgery.  I didn’t experience any complications such as infection or sural nerve damage.  So far, so good!

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  1. Wow..that’s wild with the 2 horizontal incisions. Looks like there was quite a bit of swelling at week 6? Perhaps that could be distortion from manipulating the picture. Were you ever numb in your foot? I was quite numb on the outside (of my left foot) but it’s now much better after 5 weeks. Great to hear that moving the foot around has increased ROM so much. Congrats.

  2. There are actually three incisions - larger ones above and below the rupture site, and 1 small one in the middle. I did have quite a bit of swelling early on, although it may look a little exaggerated in the week 6 photo (nice kankle!!). I think this was due in part to 6 weeks in hard casts. The swelling has gone down, although not completely.

    I didn’t experience any numbness. Glad to hear that your numbness is starting to go away.

  3. I saw that I had said 2 but I really (really) knew there were 3. Looks great!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Yes, your procedure sounds very similar to mine. I’m glad to hear you are happy with it so far. This is so wild for me — to go from being so active to so inactive — it’s surreal. When did your PT start? What did you do? Thanks for your time.

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