Drivin’ Me Crazy

 I ruptured my right AT and my car is a manual transmission, so I was pretty screwed when it came to driving after my injury.  I’m guessing a few others who have ruptured their right AT know the feeling.  The topic of driving has come up a few times on achillesblog.com sites, so I thought [...]

Discussion Topic

I wanted to thank Brendan and Dennis again for their hard work in putting together the Achillesblog Rehab Tracker and the Achillesblog Summary Table. Links to those two items can be found on the left sidebar.
When I read through the data the number of left foot vs. right foot ruptures listed in the [...]


The discussion about exercise has come up a number of times on achillesblog over the last several weeks.  So, I thought I would take a minute to reflect on some of the things that I was able to do during the first 10 weeks of my recovery.  Keep in mind that this is only my [...]

Physical Therapy - Day 1

I attended my first physical therapy session this evening. All in all it was pretty uneventful. I think I was expecting they would do a little more based on what others have described. To start off they tried to establish a baseline for where my ankle and tendon were at. This [...]

Operation Report

A few others have posted their operation reports on their respective blogs, so I thought I’d add mine as well. I’m not sure if there is any valuable data in here, but it may be interesting to compare with the other reports. The report also gives a little more detail about the less [...]

Scarred For Life

Everyone else has been showing off their war wounds, so I thought I’d join in.  Although, I obviously won’t win any braggin’ rights.  This picture was taken after my week 10 post op visit.  As you can see and as I’ve commented before, my surgeon uses a less invasive approach when repairing Achilles ruptures.  Here is [...]

How Did I Get Here?

It took several weeks to be convinced that I should share my recovery with the world. However, my healing has been aided by others who have blogged about their ATR experience, so I thought it would be good to try and pay it back. Unfortunately, some of the details may be lacking because I waited [...]