15 Weeks - Released to full duty

img_3245I am 15 weeks post-op and was released to full duty at work. I have 4 more physical therapy sessions to work on strength. Almost able to do a single heel raise. Lots of agility exercises at PT. Doc said the tendon would feel thick and stiff for about a year but over time would become more flexible. I am doing light running / fast walking on the treadmill. Each week the AT seems to feel less stiff in the mornings. I will make another post in a couple months when I start snowmobiling. Happy healing everyone.

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  1. Congratulations Tommy!

    I’ll be four weeks post-op tomorrow, and though everyone’s path to recovery is different, it’s so encouraging to see what is possible in less than four months.

    Keep up the great work :)

  2. Great progress Tommy! That’s a good feeling to be able to wake up and almost walk normal right out the gate. How far are you going on the treadmill? I’m at 1.3 miles walking outside and ankle swells up pretty good right after.

  3. Jeff, I haven’t been measuring distance as much as I have been measuring time and speed on the treadmill. I’ve been doing intervals of fast walking/running, and then back down to a brisk walk. Been hitting the elliptical pretty hard as well to get my cardio stamina back. PT has been working agility to include quick stopping and starting movements as well as quick side to side movements. How is your recovery going? Remind me what week you are on?

  4. I’m on week 17. Been hitting the eccentric stuff pretty good (lunges, squats, calf raises) and am happy with my progress on flexibility and strength. The reason I ask on your distance is walking for longer periods is a challenge and my ankle gets weak and swells up after a mile or so. Making it more of my regular routine though.

  5. How are your single calf raises coming along? I can’t quite do one yet. Even eccentric stuff I can’t hold it very long. Have a slight limp that seems to be getting better each week. Push off when running is still flat feeling. Glad to be walking and mobile!!

  6. I’m 5+ weeks behind you all. Just started eccentric exercises and just the few I did at PT made my achilles unhappy. LOL! Baby steps initially. Glad you all are progressing well!

  7. I can do 2 single leg calf raises in a row. Very quick about 75% up. I can do dual leg and keep equal weight in each leg regularly. I have been doing lunges on tip toes no weight 10 reps.

    I tell you what I walked on the treadmill this AM. Slow-3 MPH and after mile 1 my ankle and heel were screaming to “cut it out!”

  8. I did .25 mile on the treadmill on Wednesday, 2.7MPH and that was it :) Then I went on the elliptical for 15 minutes for intervals (flat) of 4 and 8 resistance. That got the blood pumping.

  9. Congrats! I have high hopes for myself in the spring if that’s where I’ll be in four months like you are. Keep us updated.

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