13 Weeks Post-Op

Its been 13 weeks since Post-OP and everything seems to be going well. My doctor took a fairly conservative approach, so I feel like I am a little “behind”, but in the big scheme of things I am right on time. I have been out of my walking boot for three weeks now and have been released with no restrictions other than staying away from high impact sports. I still walk with a slight limp because I have very little strength in my repaired Achilles. I can do two-legged heel raises just fine, but can not do a single heel raise - YET. Physical Therapy has been consisting of lots of stretching and strengthening. The “strength” part is slow, but every week I am making small gains. In two months I will be back to snowmobiling! I am making a video documenting my journey and will share the link once it is completed. Happy healing everyone!

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  1. Your doc is less conservative than mine - LOL! I won’t get the “release” until the 6 month mark. The strength part takes a while to build back up. Just keep doing the exercises religiously and it will come back. You’re actually in the phase where you can see progress weekly. I think around 4.5-5 months the progress is not as noticeable since it is in much smaller increments.

    Happy healing!

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