6 Weeks Post-Op

Today’s doctor appointment marks six weeks Post-Op. It was encouraging that everything appears to be healing just fine, and I was given the green-light to start working up to FWB in my walking boot. Drove to the Physical Therapists office and got my first appointment scheduled in two days – exciting progress. Although mentally I am ready to take on more physical activity, I know in reality that my ATR is still healing and needs a lot of nurturing. One step at a time, literally….

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  1. Looks like we are on almost the same course. It was six weeks for me on Tuesday. I’m curious about what your Dr said as far as “working up to FWB”? Mine said if comfortable to just go ahead. I’ve been getting around a lot since with FWB and am a little concerned about overdoing it.

    Best of luck on your recovery!

  2. I’ve been now 24 days out of my cast. No boot after cast removal.

    Few of the things I believe worked for me. Please take what you think can help and always follow your doc/therapist recommendatios. ATR are never identical!
    - 1 hour PT every two days during first two weeks.
    - Working by myself on ankle mobility (elastic bands and rotations) and “moving” the scare making Z with my thumbs oftenly.
    - Walking barefoot on sand (can be challenging!!)
    - Ice three times a day
    - most important, there will be days you’ll feel weak, …, keep pushing! that feeling is part of the healing process we are all going through.

    Good luck tommykid29 and jeff16!

  3. After being given the greenlight to go FWB in my walking boot, I still can’t bring myself after the last two days to go FWB. I brought myself to about 80% by using a crutch under each arm. I hit about 90% and the bottom of my foot and heel really lit up with some nerve pain. Wondering if that was because the bottom of my foot hasn’t had any pressure on it for the last six weeks. I’m going to continue to do range of motion, and work my way up to FWB in the boot. It’s surprising how nerve-racking it is to put full pressure on my walking boot when during the last six weeks I couldn’t wait to be in that position. I know it’s a slow process and I’ll work up to it

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