4 Weeks Post-Op - Muscle Atrophy

4 weeks Post-Op - Muscle Atrophy
I am at 4-weeks Post-Op and just had my cast taken off. Surprised about how much Muscle Atrophy has occurred. I have had a couple friends experience Muscle Atrophy and they assured me that I will get it back, but it will take some time. PT starts next week and I cant wait to get that started. Its been nice to take off my boot and massage my leg, calf, and Achilles area. Happy healing everyone!

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  1. Actually you may never get the calf size back to what it was but you will get the strength back. My right calf is still smaller than my left at 1.5 years after surgery. And if you read agnesr’s blog she was doing really high impact exercises after recovery and her calf was still smaller than before surgery. For my left foot surgery we measured my calf before surgery to see how much it comes back - LOL! Now maybe my left and right will be the same size since the left will probably not be as big as before surgery.

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