The Light Is Getting Bigger

I am 4 weeks Post-Op, and just had a favorable exam from my doctor. He likes the way everything is healing, and was complementary on the angle of my foot as it sat without any support. I’ve been put into a walking boot, and I am still NWB, but given permission to take it off and massage the calf, lower leg, and Achilles area. Another couple weeks and it’ll be time for PT and PWB. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger although at first it appeared very dim and dark. Today’s a good day and I am encouraged that my recovery is going well. Anybody that reads this post that is just going through the beginning stages of an ATR, rest assured, you will get through it, and although the recovery process is long, the light at the end of the tunnel will continue to grow bigger.

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  1. Sounds like you’re right on schedule Tommy! I’ll probably get in a walking boot at week 3 or 2.5 only because the cast keeps me from sleeping and pushes on a nerve on the top of my foot which makes my big toe numb (at least it did on my right foot and my left foot shape is very similar). I won’t be able to walk until week 6 but at least at that point I can put on a night boot for sleeping. And you can shower without a cast cover on!!! Woohoo!!! Just be careful with the unbooted foot when showering :) From what I recall I showered with the boot on for another week or so until I got more confident that I wouldn’t move it weird while showering and mess up the healing process. In fact I don’t think I showered without the boot until my doc gave me clearance to start doing some exercise movements (just moved the foot side to side and forward backward).

  2. It sounds you are doing good Tommy! It seems we are on the same path, comparable timing. I went through surgery on July 24 (rupture happened on July 19). On August 7, I got a walking boot. I was suprised to see how my calf had reduced. I am a bit concerned by the recovery to come. I also got permission to take the boot off and massage the calf, lower leg, and Achilles area, starting next week. Next milestone is end August when real recovery exercises should start. All the best

  3. Your progress and words are truly encouraging! I am 3 weeks and 3 day post-op, and finally seeing my surgeon this later this afternoon. I’m hoping to get a boot, even though most likely I’ll continue to be NWB. Every little step counts… :)

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