6 Weeks Post-Op

Today’s doctor appointment marks six weeks Post-Op. It was encouraging that everything appears to be healing just fine, and I was given the green-light to start working up to FWB in my walking boot. Drove to the Physical Therapists office and got my first appointment scheduled in two days – exciting progress. Although mentally [...]

4 Weeks Post-Op - Muscle Atrophy

I am at 4-weeks Post-Op and just had my cast taken off. Surprised about how much Muscle Atrophy has occurred. I have had a couple friends experience Muscle Atrophy and they assured me that I will get it back, but it will take some time. PT starts next week and I cant [...]

The Light Is Getting Bigger

I am 4 weeks Post-Op, and just had a favorable exam from my doctor. He likes the way everything is healing, and was complementary on the angle of my foot as it sat without any support. I’ve been put into a walking boot, and I am still NWB, but given permission to take it off [...]