4 Weeks Post-Op - Muscle Atrophy

4 weeks Post-Op - Muscle Atrophy
I am at 4-weeks Post-Op and just had my cast taken off. Surprised about how much Muscle Atrophy has occurred. I have had a couple friends experience Muscle Atrophy and they assured me that I will get it back, but it will take some time. PT starts next week and I cant wait to get that started. Its been nice to take off my boot and massage my leg, calf, and Achilles area. Happy healing everyone!

The Light Is Getting Bigger

I am 4 weeks Post-Op, and just had a favorable exam from my doctor. He likes the way everything is healing, and was complementary on the angle of my foot as it sat without any support. I’ve been put into a walking boot, and I am still NWB, but given permission to take it off and massage the calf, lower leg, and Achilles area. Another couple weeks and it’ll be time for PT and PWB. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger although at first it appeared very dim and dark. Today’s a good day and I am encouraged that my recovery is going well. Anybody that reads this post that is just going through the beginning stages of an ATR, rest assured, you will get through it, and although the recovery process is long, the light at the end of the tunnel will continue to grow bigger.

2 Weeks Post-Op

Two weeks post op, I went and had my splint removed, and had a plaster cast put on. It was fun to have my kids with me, because they got to pick out the colors. Ended up with an orange and blue cast in honor of my Alma-Mater, Boise State University. I was actually glad to have a cast on, because I was so worried about a misstep that I was overly cautious and worried about every twitch and every bump. With the cast I’ve been able to wiggle my toes throughout the day and although that’s not much, it is something. I’ve got two weeks in the cast, and the doctor said that I could get in in Boot (NWB), and he would give me permission to take it off when sitting down to get a slight ROM. That was much more encouraging than the additional two weeks of another plaster cast. So far so good, and it’s been great reading all of the other blogs that there will be a day that I will have a better sense of normalcy.

10 Days Post-Op

This is my first post, And I am sitting at 10 days post-op. Surprisingly, my short recovery has gone very well. I had a full rupture from running and stepping in a big hole. Date of injury happened on July 4, and date of surgery was July 12. I’ll be going from a splint next week  and into a hard cast for the next two weeks. The blogs that I have been reading have been very informational, because the theme seems to be “early motion“, and now that I’m in-tune with that, that will be a topic of discussion with my doctor.  I’m on the road to recovery, and look forward to blogging about my progress. Thanks to everyone that has been inspirational in making me realize that I can get through this, and successfully heal my ATR.