Hello everyone,

I ruptured my achilles on feb 25th playing basketball.  Heard the infamous pop sound and I knew right away it was my Achilles.  Ortho doctor verified and recommended surgery.  Had surgery March 12th-everything went well and leg was placed in a cast..  On March 26th, the stitches were removed and I was fitted with boot instead of cast. 6  Gel pads were inserted under heel to allow my foot to be pointed downward. There has been hardly any pain or swelling.  On April 9th was my next check-up and was told everything was looking good.  Doctor said I can put some weight on toes only.  Was told every week from now on can remove 1 gel pad under my heel and at the same time can put increased pressure on leg.  It feels good to put some pressure on leg.  The doctor said by the time I get to the last gel pad I should be walking with boot.  My next appt. is on May 22nd.  I will let you know how that goes.