I hadn’t really thought about this since my ATR, but was cruising through the site the other day and read this article (among others): http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2008/07/08/cipro-fda.html.

At the time I did my ATR, I also had a ruptured eardrum from a snorkelling trip in The Caribbean….seriously, I had 2 ruptures at the same time - boo. Anyway, guess what the doctor gave me for my ear:

That’s right people - Ciprofloxacin. I know you were all thinking that. Turns out this little bad boy has been linked to tendon ruptures and now has an FDA warning int he US about the risks here. Pity I didn’t know! Also explains why, with no history of tendonitis, tendonosis or even pain in the tendon I managed to do a full rupture while running around at age 30. Or does it? Who knows, but very intresting stuff.

I wonder if anyone else was on these kind of antibiotics when they ATR-ed?