So I was walking out of my office building today to go and grab lunch when I slipped on the shiny marble surface in the building lobby. My right crutch literally came out from under me and I put a lot of weight on my bad foot…..S^%***@#. It hurt like crazy and I felt a strong burning sensation in the tendon. I freaked out and jumped in a cab (skipping lunch, conincidentally) and flew to the ER to get it checked out. It later turned out that the metal in the frame of the crutch had come all the way through the rubber foot on the bottom, henc eit was easy to slip….The physician took the cast off and felt around, he said I Ishould see the specialist on Monday but that the tendon was still intact, Thompson test showed little, but definite movement etc. He mentioned that as I was 5 weeks post-op it would take a lot of force to re-rupture. 3 hours later it still throbs a little but no pain, man I hope I didn’t screw this up….

I thing I thought of when I was sitting in the ER, wouldn’t it be safer in a boot (I am still in a fibreglass cast down the back of my leg)??? I mean surely, you can’t move your foot past a certain angle in the boot without breaking the thing, it’s got to be more sturdy than this damn cast? Will be bringing this up with the specialist on Monday, needless to say I am pretty nervous about seeing him again!