Ruptured last June, surgery last July. I played 3 games of pickup basketball today and it felt great. I still have some muscle to rebuild in both legs, but it felt great to be back out there, even @ less than 100%. At almost 50, I have a lot of friends who think I’m nuts to risk injury again, but life is for living.

Hit your rehab hard and you’ll be back doing what you love before you know it. As I look back now on the whole experience, it was not nearly as bad as I feared it would be. I admit though, I was lucky - I know some of you have had to deal with infections, complications, etc.

Regardless, good luck and keep working hard. This too shall pass ~


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  1. GerryR on January 25, 2010 9:52 pm

    Congratulations on being able to do that.

  2. maryk on January 26, 2010 7:59 pm

    I love these stories. It is hard to imagine I will be doing that well only 3 months from now- but it gives me something to “shoot for” ha ha

  3. doug53 on January 26, 2010 9:33 pm

    That’s great news, Tom. As Jimmy Buffett once sang, “I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead.”


  4. shelley on January 29, 2010 8:29 pm

    That’s awesome, Tom.
    I just came back to the site to look for people who have taken up their sport again. I am a year & 1/2 out and still scared to get back to basketball… although the long recovery is becoming easier and easier to forget and the basketball court is calling my name! LOL

    Did you do any sport specific rehab, like starts & stops? or just the regular stuff?

    Any insight you have would be appreciated.

  5. Tom on January 31, 2010 5:28 pm


    Re. the basketball, nope, nothing but the rehab (which I worked pretty hard at) and then jogging (I think that’s the single most effective strengthener). My rehab guy was a sports rehab guy, so yes there was a lot of impact / jumping exercise. My legs are pretty weak yet, but I was able to play just fine. I was fearful I would be thinking about it the whole time I was playing, but once the game started it (the rupture) never crossed my mind. Get back out there - you’ll be great!

  6. john on February 7, 2010 8:08 pm

    i had surgery for a ruptured achilles tendon dec 22 2009 , im 46 years old . ive been wearing two shoes 4 weeks after surgery and im doing pretty good , back to driving my manual shift truck . so if you work at it all the time it is possible to recover faster .

  7. MaryK on February 7, 2010 8:13 pm

    That’s fantastic- I have a bit of twinge just driving an automatic- can NOT imagine driving with a stick even now, never mind at 4 weeks. Keep on going!

  8. normofthenorth on February 13, 2010 12:39 pm

    Good stuff, Tom! It’s natural that the group of bloggers here tends to “self-select” for people with complications — after all, most of us are going to stop posting after our lives return to normal!

    So it’s important that people like you with nice cheery outcomes take the trouble to share, or else we’ll all be depressed by sharing only sad stories!

    My recovery from my first ATR, 8 years ago, was slow (”conservative” surgeon) but routine and eventually 100% successful. I returned to cycling, small-sailboat racing (and dump recovery!), and aggressive competitive volleyball — including 4-on-4 court ball and 2-on-2 beach ball, all with good athletes around 30 years my junior!

    Of course I’m here now because of a sad story — I tore the other AT 8 years later, playing 4-on-4 competitive court v-ball with those young athletes! But the non-surgical protocol I’m following is going fine so far, and I’ve already scheduled the Whistler trip for April 10 (around week 17 for me).

    If I have the good news I’m hoping for, I promise to share!!

  9. normofthenorth on May 7, 2010 8:00 pm

    (I did have good news, and I did share — but on my own blog, not on Tom’s!)




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