Entry #5 From diagnosis to surgery.

So I saw surgeon Feb 25, was diagnosed with a achilles tear and it was confirmed by MRI. The surgery was then scheduled for the following Thursday March 6th, nine days later.
I spent those days with crutches and the walking boot. Also during those days I spent talking to my car insurance to let them know of what happened and I communicated with my employer specifically their business office to make sure of what disability papers needed to be completed. I do have insurance thru my work, its not the best but I do have it and short and long term disability.
***I’ve learned thru mistakes of co-workers in years past that in these situations YOU must be the driving force in initiating communication between work, doctor and insurance companies. Specifically once you get info, YOU need to call, mail, or visit those groups to get the right info to the right people. When I found out my diagnosis I called work that day. When I got disability papers from work I made an appt with the buisness office at my work so they could help me fill out the paper work the right way and to let me know what steps I needed to do. Forget any macho nonsense of thinking “I don’t need help, I can do it” Paperwork is critical ASK FOR HELP!!
My car insurance got my statement over the phone and then the Monday before my surgery sent a local rep to my apartment to get a verbal statement. I consistently told the truth and let God take care of the rest.
I was fortunate that the car insurance took my claim, I qualified for FMLA and I’m getting pay checks. Not nearly as much. No overtime or shift differential of course which is normal in my paychecks but I kept everyone in the loop instead of assuming “they” had to do the work and call me.
As far as pain the worst was the ‘charlie horse’ feeling and the boot really helped.

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