Entry #4 Seeing the doctor.

I tore my achilles late Saturday nite Feb 22. At the time I knew I hurt my leg but didn’t know the extent of my injury. To me it felt like the worlds worst charlie horse. I didn’t want to call an ambulance and get a huge bill from that and my stalled car (which led to my injury) of course wasn’t working so that Sat was a long stressed out nite.
Sunday the next comes, my family doctor office is closed so can’t go to doctor on Sunday. I called my workplace, I’m a nurses aide at a nursing home, and called off work for Monday. First time in 3 years I’ve called off work.
My step dad came over Sunday afternoon and got the car running to get it out from the street and into a parking spot. So wait till Monday for dr.
Mind you I’m still walking around, no boot or crutches, just a ’sore leg’, I even did some loads of laundry.
Monday comes and while pulling out of parking spot to go to dr, the car stalls AGAIN. I live alone, no ride. Have to make another appt for next day Tuesday. Call off work for Tuesday.
Tuesday, day 3 after tearing achilles, I finally see family doctor at 10 am. My step dad is me chauffeur.
I see my family dr and he believes its an achillies injury either a strain or tear and I should see an orthopedic surgeon. One of the tests he did on me was have me lay on my stomach and put me calves and feet in the air. He presses on left calf and tendon-l foot moves. He presses on right calf-r foot doesn’t move. Uh-oh.
His office calls orthopedic group to make appt and they have a appt for me for the next morning but they willl call me later to confirm. Family dr says “Use crutches and don’t walk on your leg”. Gotcha.
Back home w step dad trying to work on stupid car. Its not working. Fuel pump sensor stuff. Get a call from orthopedic office and they say they can see me at 1pm…that day. Also I’m told since this injury involved a car, even though I wasn’t driving, that my car insurance will be involved. Huh? That never dawned on me.
So 1pm Tuesday see surgeon. She checks legs. Yep She is 99% sure its a tear. She also did the same ck family dr did with squeezing legs. Before I left the office paperwork was done for schedule surgery on March 6. She said we would have a MRI done to rule out the 1% chance its just a strain. Before I leave the MRI is scheduled for…that same day at 3. In the same center my family doctor is at.
Family dr, surgeon, and MRI all done in same day 10am and I was done by 5 pm. God was working that all out, I’ve heard others who had injuries and had to wait days and even weeks to get anyone to look at them.

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