My first blog entry…who am I?

Hi My name is Tom. I’m currently a month from my injury but I didn’t know about this blog until now. I’ve never done a blog so I’m making this up as I go.
This entry will just be about who I am and then each blog with have a specific topic hopefully to help others now or in the future.
At the time of my injury Feb 22, I am 41, single, and live alone. I am a nurses aide at a local nursing home. A nurses aide doesn’t handle meds but does the feeding, dressing, washing, lifting etc for the residents depending on what they need. NOT a desk job. While I’m not athletic or muscle ripped I’m a stocky guy with pretty good upper body strength.
I am a christian and have good friends in my church and family nearby that have all pitched in. Part of my story is that currently my car is not working but since its my r Achilles that is hurt, I couldn’t drive anyway. Ok enough background blog #2 will be “The injury” sounds like a murder novel title. haha

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