Entry #2 The injury.

Ok how did I tear my r achilles  tendon?  Haha…ugh.  Is this a first? ***

On Saturday Feb 22,  a day I will never now forget, I had gone to a friends house for a game nite.  (Yeah game nite as in board games,  hey I not a drinker or drug guy, board games, friends and junk food is my nite out lol)  I was driving home and right before making a right turn onto my side street my car stalled.  I made the right turn coasting and trying not to hit any other cars.  I live in a town in PA and across a laundromat so parking on side streets can be crowded.

****I steered the car towards the right side of the street diagonally right before the snow bank. (its feb we’ve had a lot of snow but side streets don’t get plowed as well, curbs are now snow walls.  I tried to start car…nothing.  Tried again a few time…nothing.  The car is a 93 Buick park ave and I’ve had it since 08 and lately it has been giving problems.  The car is parked diagonal with the back end in the middle of the  street and the front at the snow bank. I cant leave it that way because another car might hit it. It is around 11 pm so in the moment I try to push the car just enough to get it closer to the side and out of the middle of the street.  Its different if someone else is with you and they are in the drivers seat and you are behind using two hands BUT I’m by myself w noone else to help. I open the drivers side door and put car in neutral and get out and stand next to car between door and car. YOU SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING DON’T YOU lol. Of course I discover the st is on a slight incline so car is rolling back just a tad towards another parked car. I start to push the car forward and steer it to park straight. THen I  felt it. I didn’t hear anything but the feeling was like a guitar string being plucked. I wasn’t sure what happened but I knew something bad happened. I was able to push the car enough to get closer to the side but I wasn’t able to steer it so it stayed diagonal. I  got back in the car, put it back in park and in shock hobbled up to my apartment. 20 steps. I was in shock, my leg felt sore but I didn’t know how bad.  It was after 11, I didn’t want to call an ambulance and a $10000 bill for and ambulance and I couldn’t get a hold of my step dad by phone. He lives 3 miles away and I’d see him next day for church. So there I was scared w sore leg and dead car….what now God?  Entry 3.  :)

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