Back in 2 shoes

Last weekend I started to walk on my shoes again. It was nine weeks and few days after surgery. Since week eight I had started doing short walks without the boot near my apartment but I did not feel confident enough to take the subway in the city without the boot. Btw, I had gotten very fast with the boot. I could walk almost as fast as anyone here.

So last weekend I decided it was about time to park the boot for good. At the beginning it was frustrating because I had to walk very slow and it hurt a lot. The tendon itself did not hurt, it was everything else, hip, ankle and plant of the foot especially. However few days later things became normal and pain was minimal. Now, after eight days on my shoes I only feel some pain in the inner side of the ankle, kind of a tendinitis, but even this is going away fast. Today I went for a long walk in Central Park. I may have walked 3 miles and I got tired but felt very well.

I have also been in the gym 4 or 5 days a week for the last three weeks , besides going to PT twice a week and this definitively helps a lot. My next goal is to bike again outside. I have been doing static bike for 3 weeks and I feel I can go outside soon. Maybe next weekend? will see

After almost 10 weeks since surgery I feel I am getting back to normal and at least I can get around in the City. I also feel that the worst is over (I cross my fingers).

Achilles friends, keep it up!

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  1. Fantastic, keep it going! I am just over 6 weeks I walked bare foot round the house a bit today, with crutches still and load bearing as much as I dared, no pain in my ATR just in my knee! Got to get used to walking again!!!!

  2. Great news Toble, your slightly ahead of me in shoes and miles ahead in terms of cycling etc at the gym - I am just about to give it a go…any advice for those first few times at the gym?

    Congratulations on reaching that milestone and happy healing.

  3. Thats fantastic! It’s a great feeling when you start to get your life back.

  4. Thanks all,
    To Andrew,
    I have learned here that we all have different recoveries. I think that during the first couple of months we all have to be in the safer side, never pushing to hard.
    For the first week in the gym I wore my boot, so I worked out with the boot all the time, doing legs, hips, and also upper body, with light weights
    After a week I felt safe and started to work out without the boot.
    Regardless the intensity of the workout, it feels great to be doing exercise again. I have been doing static bike with very light resistance and I am increasing it day after day.
    Good luck!

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