6 days and 4 days. FWB, it feels great!

Yesterday I started FWB and it feels great. My doctor told me last week that I was able to start FWB as soon as I wanted (It was 5 weeks and 3 days after surgery), but after reading comments and blogs (and feeling afraid) I decided to wait a little bit more. During the week, I gradually put more and more weight on my foot and took few steps without crutches.

Finally, yesterday was the day. I left the crutches at home. As a celebration, I walked to Central Park and sat in a bench for a while. I felt great.

I was afraid that after the first FWB day, my tendon would swollen, but it looks fine, no pain, no swollen.

Next goal is walking on my shoes again, but not before two more weeks. I cannot wait…

One Response to “6 days and 4 days. FWB, it feels great!”

  1. Woohoo!! Feels great doesn’t it? Congrats on making this big milestone - having your hands free is wonderful!!. I practiced walking in shoes about 20 feet each day so it wasn’t a big jump when I went to them.

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