My first five weeks

Hi all,

I have been reading blogs in this site for few weeks and it has been very helpful, so I would like to start telling my own recovery process. In this post I am going to describe my first weeks after the injury. At the beginning I read blogs in order to see other´s recovery timings in order to understand what I was going to go through, so I am going to leave mine, in case it can help others. I am 37 and I live in New York now and was very active before my injury. I partially tore my achilles 20 years ago, when I was 17, in a bike accident and unfortunately my achilles never heal well. My left calf was always weaker and thinner than my right one

Day 0: May 19th,2012: Injury day. Running the Brooklyn half marathon I felt my achilles popped on mile 9. Although I knew something was wrong I did not want to reckon it so I walked to the finish line. It took me 2 hours and three stops in medical services to walk/hop the last 4 miles (not the best decision…)

Day 1 after ATR: When I woke up my achilles and ankle were swollen and bruised and I was in pain. I went to the ER (it was a Sunday) and I got a cast and crutches and they told me to visit the orthopedics asap

Day 2 after ATR: First visit to the orthopedics in  Mt. Sinai hospital (I can only say the best about my doctor, 10 out of 10). She told me that the achilles was torn and I might need surgery and she needed to get an MRI to confirm. I was still neglecting the fact that I needed surgery…

Day 4 after ATR: MRI

Day 6 after ATR: Second visit to the orthopedics: The MRI confirmed an almost full achilles rupture. I needed surgery and I told the doctor to have it asap so we scheduled it for Tuesday May 29th

Day 10 after ATR: Surgery, everything went well. I was back at home around 6 pm. I slept well. I had painkillers for 2 days and antibiotics for 5 days after surgery. Painkillers made me feel very sleepy so I stopped taking them after 2 days. I did not feel pain at all

First 10 days after surgery: I stayed at home all the time. My parents came to help me out for 6 weeks and took care of the logistics besides supporting me all the time. They have made my recovery way easier. They have been great and I am very thankful to have had them this time. My colleagues at my company have been also great, allowing me to work from home some days and taking over some of my projects during my first weeks of recovery

10 days after surgery: First visit to the orthopedics after surgery. Stitches removed, everything fine. Cast removed and I start using my boot with a heel lift of 2″ aprox

2 weeks after surgery: I went back to the office

4th week after surgery: I started PWB (~25%), I reduced the heel lift to 1.5″ and I also started PT. By hopping on my right foot, my right calf  got very sore and painful, like if I had pulled a muscle. Do not hop on your right foot, use the crutches!

5th week after surgery: I increased PWB to 50%

These first weeks have been hard, it is difficult and frustrating to realize how your life have changed in a moment. I was running triathlons and half marathons and now my short term goal is just to be able to walk again

Well, I will keep posting my progress. Thank you to all the bloggers for sharing your experience and advice. It has been very helpful. I wish a quick recovery to all of you


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