Selling my Ankle BFST brace… Worked WONDERS for me

for sale is my BFST brace. Increases blood flow to the ankle , and Achilles area. Worked wonders for me! I truly believe that this contributed to my speedy recovery! Here is the link to the web site I purchased it from….

its clean and still works great!

asking $99 or reasonable offer

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14 weeks out of surgery… Getting my kicks and balance back!

video taken exactly 14 weeks post surgery… i am spinning and pivoting on the ankle that I had the ATR occur

12 weeks Post Op - Nothing but good news

finally reached the magical "12 week" mark.   As before I am ahead of schedule.  Gym 3x a week, light martial arts training, vitamins / supplements, and the BFST ankle wrap have worked wonders.  I decided to try running today.  Hesitant at first, started with a slow jog, but I was able to run for a short distance, maybe 1/8 mile.  I do feel some discomfort (wont call it pain) with each step when jogging but its more of a nuisance than a pain.  I am concentrating heavily on rebuilding the calf muscle in the left leg.  I think when my leg muscle recovers, I should be able to run with much less discomfort.  I am still hesitant to make any long jumps, jump off a chair or even try sprinting.  No quick explosive movement for me yet.

I even took my motorcycle out today!!!!!!

I do everything I did before I got injured, just a bit slower still and with caution as I know I am not out of the woods yet.  For people that just ruptured it, or people recovering, HANG IN THERE.  I started to notice major improvement at week 4  ( I was just about FWB then)  From weeks 4-10 I noticed weekly improvements. After 10 weeks, I noticed improvements in ROM and less limping on a daily basis.

I think I still limp, but people that don’t know me or have never seen me cant detect any limping.

8 weeks post-op.. went back to MMA class, shaking the rust off

I went to my MMA class today for the first time since surgery. It has been exactly 8 weeks since my surgery.   I wore a compression sock and tennis shoes.  It felt GREAT to move around, hit the heavy bag and throw some kicks again.  I am able to kick with both legs, but I am taking it very easy as I do not want to put too much strain or any sort of pivot action on my recovering tendon.  I was able to move around the bag and do some lite bag work for 30 min before my heel got sore and I needed a break.  I still got a long way to go, but im heading in the right direction.  Any thoughts when the heel pain will subside.?

I also found out that boots including my newly purchased work boots actually give me more of a limp than tennis shoes…. in bare feet or tennis shoes I have a slight limp, with my work boots on, I walk like I have one leg longer than the other?? lol   its weird.

After 2 days at work….. foot looks worse than it feels???

I just completed my first two days back at work. I work 12 hr shifts.  On Thursday I was in my walking boot and today I was in my new work boots that I purchased last week.  The boots come 8" up on my leg, just under my calf muscle for extra ankle support.   I do work corrections, but my Sergeant is being accommodating and allowing me unofficial light duty (desk duty) for the first few weeks back.  Out of 12 hrs, I am seated and not moving for probably 10 hrs.

Foot is swollen despite icing and elevation.  It is sore but not painful, it looks worse than it is.  I can actually walk better and faster when im barefoot in my house that I can with any shoes on.  Is that normal?  Also, when walking, either barefoot or with shoes/ boots, the only discomfort I have is in the calf muscle, not at the incision point or near the scar…I attribute this to the calf muscle being weak and rebuilding or trying to rebuild itself?

Any thoughts on why I am walking better barefoot, ? and is the excessive (but not painful) swelling normal?  Im at 7 weeks and 3 days post op.

first time out in 2 shoes…. back to work this week!

Well it’s been 7 weeks since surgery, and I’ve been walking around my house barefoot and in my work boots to get used to them again .   Today I decided to wear my work boots out for a short trip to the store.  The boots are tactical boots and come up 8″ on my leg.   I was a bit hesitant but I figured I had to do it sooner or later.   I did keep a compression ankle wrap on also.   I still have a limp but I made it around the store and back home safely.   I was a bit sore…but some ice and my bfst treatment and its all good now.   I return to work this Thursday with the walking boot on.  I’ll probably wear it for a day or 2 before going back to two boots….   wish me luck!

Never been so happy to walk barefoot!

I have been fwb for about a week and have noticed that my ankle and Achilles is a bit swollen   Not painful, but sore.  I attribute this to finally putting some weight on it after 5 weeks of nwb.    I have been doing stretching exercises and ROM exercises.   Today, I decided to try to take a few steps totally barefoot.  I walked along side my living room table and was able to walk about 10 feet and turn around and walk back to my chair. I walked very very slow and took short strides, but I walked.  I did it again later and lengthened the stride and felt some stretching but nothing painful.  Stretching exercises and ROM exercises are great, but I figured the best way to walk again is to get up and do it.  My foot wanted to turn to the side, but I forced it to point straight and took steps the correct way.  A few small steps for me, but I think im going in the right direction!  I called my wife and yelled "I WALKED BAREFOOT!"   she laughed and told me good job!

I am still icing my ankle when it gets a bit swollen and still using the BFST 3x a day.

6 week check up - Starting my own rehab at home

I had my 6 week post op check up today..   Doc was impressed that I can go FWB but still cautioned me on taking it slow.  He actually recommended that I use the crutch on my right side still.  ( injury on left side)  I was given the "ok" to do double leg calf raises (slowly) and resistance therapy on my ankle.  He recommended tying a 5lb weight to my foot and moving my ankle up and down.  I have resistance bands from 5lbs - 50 lbs.  Instead, I will use a resistance band so that its a more gradual pull and I can easily adjust the resistance by shortening the band as opposed to hanging more weights or a heavier weight from my foot. I started with the 5lb band today, and made it to the 15lb resistance band before I felt as if i was actually doing anything

I will continue to use the BFST.  that has been a God send thru this, along with vitamin supplements and a strict diet / workout plan. I truly believe that is what helped me be ahead of schedule this whole time.   Doctor wants me in the boot for 2 more weeks and I will not contest that with him.  The boot is not a problem and will not interfere with me returning to work. I can return to work late next week - FINALLY!!!!!!

6 week appointment is 4-9, I think im ahead of schedule

My 6 week post-op appointment is 4-9.  As I stated in my previous posts, I am staying very active, working out, taking supplements, and using the Blood Flow Stimulator.  I exercise my left leg ( the ATR side)  I do leg extensions to keep the quad strong, I do hip adductor and abductor exercise.

On Wednesday, 4-2 (5 weeks post op) I decided to carefully try PWB. It was a breeze.  So I tried with 1 crutch, that was easy too.. With my wife on one side, and my friend on the other side I decided to try to take a few steps with no crutches. I was easily able to walk across my kitchen.. I ALMOST CRIED! I was able to get a cup of water and carry it !   I can probably walk all around my house FWB, as there is no pain, no discomfort.

For the past few days, I take a couple steps at fwb just to get used to it.  Yesterday I walked around my whole house at fwb.  No pain, no soreness, no discomfort this morning.  I still crawl up and down the steps, but this is an HUGE step in the right direction.  I know I am just at the tip of the iceberg, but it feels great to "walk" independently.   I am still very cautious, and dare not venture outdoors without the crutches, but for indoors, I will continue to take more and more steps …..

Purchased BFST (blood flow stimulation therapy) ankle wrap

purchased this king brand BFST for my ankle

here is the wrap on my ankle

I got to say, Very impressed… I can actually feel the tingling.  Been using if for a week…  3-4x a day at 20 min intervals.   My ROM has increased and its painless.   Foot does get a bit warm, but its nothing to complain about.

I am just over 4 weeks post-op and my mother in law whom is a nurse for the doctor that did my surgery tells me that I am ahead of schedule.   I know its not over yet, but so far so good.

As stated in my other posts, I have also been supplementing Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Collagen, Glucosamine - chondroitin - msm , and Omega 3 fish oils. That along with a strict diet of hi protein,  low carbs and extremely low fat has helped. I also perform a full upper body routine at home with dumbbells and resistance bands!

I would recommend to anyone to keep active!!! its the key to your mental state and can help in recovery.