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I haven’t written in a while….being mobile doesn’t allow you to sit still!  Let’s recap - I got my walking boot on 12/27/2011 and spent a little over 6 weeks in it.  I graduated to two shoes on 2/14/2012.

I feel like I am still taking baby steps.  I just started feeling like a walking pro in my boot and then I graduate to two shoes.  Now I feel like I am starting all over again.

Walking slow again, lots of pain and swelling.  But I am coming up on my 2 week anniversary of being in two shoes and it’s getting a little better.

Even better news is that I might not have to do physical therapy!  Yeah!  I got some Mederma cream and have been instructed to apply and massage the scars as mush as possible.  Doc said if the scars look better in 6 weeks, then I might not have to do therapy.  SO my DH is rubbing as much as he can, which makes it hurt, but in a good way.

I’ve been experiencing these strange shooting pains from one scar to another.  I am assuming this is nerves making connections.  I still have no feeling at the back of my heel in between the scars, and that’s where I am feeling shooting pains.  Everything must be reconnecting ;-)

Happy Healing everyone!

I am 3 days shy of my 11 weeks since my surgery date from a Haglunds Deformity on my left foot.

I am supposed to be walking 100% but it really hurts to put pressure on my foot.  I am sure this is due to not walking on it for almost 11 weeks.  I am to wear the boot at all times except for sleeping.  I just took the boot off and man my calf muscles are so sore!  And for some reason the top of my foot is really sore.  I am hobbling around with my crutches to help support my foot a little, but I am trying to put as much weight on it as possible.

What I am most excited about, is that this constant lump I’ve been experiencing has seemed to clear up over the past week and right now it looks amazing.  I’m trying not to give myself any unrealistic expectations…I’m not expecting that I will be at 100% by tomorrow.  I am still supposed to be taking it easy so I haven’t been released to do any PT yet.  I have been released to go back to work, which I am looking forward too in a weird way….

All I can say is this is a good way to start the New Year!!

Haglunds Update - Week 10

So I had a Dr appointment on 12/9 and I was hoping to go into the walking boot at that time…but to my disappointment I still have a small section of the tendon that hasn’t attached back to the heel.

So I am still NWB and have a follow up appointment on 12/27.  That is hopefully "wb" day for me!!

My foot is feeling really good…I am having those "temptations" to walk…don’t know if I am explaining that correctly.  I keep feeling this need to walk whereas 2 weeks ago this would have been out of the question for me.  I am wondering if my body knows it’s time and that’s why that temptation is there.

Hoping everyone has a great Holiday!!

How long in boot?

I am hoping to be in my walking boot on Dec.9th.  Does anyone know how long you typically stay in the boot?  I have been NWB since 10/14.  Just wondering what the average boot time is?

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I don’t have very many new updates since my next appointment isn’t until 12/9…but I do have some newer pictures of the recovery.  I am so happy most of the scab’s are all gone.

I have started to apply some BIO-oil to help reduce the scaring.  No-one has mentioned how much your skins starts to peel from inactivity I’m assuming.  The atrophy in my surgery leg is unbelievable.  I don’t know if my leg will ever look the same.

I have started having more movement in the tendon - flexing toes up and down and side to side.  Feels really good.  I can feel the tendon pulling up my calf and there is no pain so I assume that is a good sign.

Happy Healing everyone!


After some scab peeling!

After some scab peeling!

Bring on the SCABS!! I don’t know what I would rather have: Hot, burning, stabbing pains….or the crazy itching sensations that make you want to take a wire brush to the incision site!! I am so happy that my incisions are healing. Here are some before and after of some peeling sessions.

Healing has been slow, but I know I am making progress since I have been able to be up and about a little longer.

The plan is to hopefully get fitted for my walking boot on 12/9. I am hoping the tendon by that time is plenty healed and there is no need for me to stay NWB any longer. I almost feel like I won’t remember how to walk! :-)
Happy Healing Everyone!

iphone-11311 I had a great appointment today!  Got my CT results back.  The good news is I don’t have to have surgery again.  The bad news is that it looks like I tore about 1/3 of my anchoring out.  The Dr feels that my body will heel the gap, but this might cause the tendon area to feel a little tough.  I prefer tough over hot stabbing pains that my Haglund’s gave me any day!  So I don’t feel like this is horrible news.  I did earn a few more freedoms…..I get to take the splint off at night while sleeping!  YEAH….and I get to start showering without covering my leg!  My toe’s haven’t felt water in 3 weeks and 5 days.  I can’t wait!!!

Here’s a new groovy picture of the healing process.  I area’s that look a little black are from a huge blister that had developed from an area in my splint that was rubbing.  It took all my will power not to pop that sucker…but my Dr said leave it alone, it will heal on it’s own and you don’t want to cause an infection.  So I left it alone…against my will.  :-)

Happy Healing everyone!

So today marks my 3 week anniversary from my surgery. I had a CT scan today because earlier this week while transferring from my knee walker to the bed, I lost my balance and used my surgery foot to prevent myself from falling into my computer desk. So the Doc had some issues seeing my screws and ordered the CT. I won’t have those results until middle of next week. I am praying everything is still attached. I have some movement in my splint and I can flex my toes really well, wiggle my foot back and forth and I can feel the tendon moving. I am hoping these are all good signs. Still sitting in bed most of the day with my foot elevated. It seems to be the most comfortable position. Sleeping pretty well at night thanks to some tylenol/IB profen. Seems to take the edge off so I can get to sleep.

Starting to get stir crazy though, so trying to stay busy. Scooting around the house is depressing since I am limited on what I can do and everyone is afraid I will fall again. Being such a prisoner to this is nothing anyone can prepare you for. I am thank full for this website and a little jealous of the people who get to PWB so quickly! Of course I know that has to do with each persons surgery.

Hopefully will have great results next week. If all goes according to plan then I should be fitted for a walking boot on Monday 11/21! Looking forward to that appointment.

Update to fall

I went to the Dr today and he performed an Ultrasound.  He was worried because he was having a hard time seeing the anchors in the heel.  He said there was no inflammation and I hadn’t opened my wounds.

I have a little pocket of puss next to one of my incisions but I guess it’s because of friction on the partial cast.

I am very lucky to not be in a full cast, but sometimes I wonder if it would be better to be in the full cast?

Since my Doc was having a hard time seeing the anchors he decided to order a CT Scan.  I have that scheduled for Friday 11/4.

Hoping everything is pleasantly attached and there is no need to cut open this foot again!

Here’s a good shot of it the other night.  That’s the main incision along the back of the heel next to the tendon.  It’s about 3.5 inches long.  Sorry it’s a bad shot, the lighting in the room was bad so I was holding a flash light to it! :-)


So I fell…again

I fell again tonight. I didn’t fall down….I actually lost my balance and tried to correct myself by stepping on my surgery foot.

I seriously feel like I am pushing my luck here. It hurts pretty bad.

But it was either put weight on my foot or fall head first into a desk. My body pretty much took over and I pray I haven’t injured anything.

I will go in for a ultrasound tomorrow. Praying I didn’t injure anything.

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