Nearly 1 year now

Hi all! Been almost 6 months since i last logged here, so i thought i’d drop by and share my progress as a way of saying thanks to the different people here who have one way or another gave me hope during the hard rehab times.

Anyway i am around 11 months post op now and pretty much doing a lot of things normally. Still not engaging in really challenging sports but at least am able to run, jump (not as with before) and move laterally with little to no problem. There are still days that my ankle would feel tired if i walk too much but there are days that i almost forget i had this rupture.

Aesthetically, my surgically repaired achilles looks pretty dense compared to my normal one. I think this is normal with all atr folks right? I did notice that there is little bump in my achilles which i assume is the point where they knotted the sutures when they connected my achilles.

I do wonder for the other atr people who have fully recovered, how long did they feel they were 100% again? Or do we have to redefine what 100% feels like after this injury?

In any case, thanks to whoever started this blog. It really helped at the initial part of rehab as well as the whole att experience.  To all new members, hang in there and just be positive. This is the type of injury you can never rush but at the same time be mentally strong.


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  1. Thanks for the update, TimothySY. Its good to know that at 11 months you are almost back to where you started from. Are you still doing Physical Therapy? When did you stop?
    Thanks!……………. Manny

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