12 week update - starting to run again

Hi all! Been awhile since I posted so just thought I would share some notes on my current progress.

So I am at week 12 (precisely 3 months and 8 days from the operation). Things are pretty much gettig back to normal for me work wise. Physically though I am still not where I would want to be. I do know this will take time. I am quite happy though to say that I have started treadmill running again. Today was the second day I ran on the treadmill and it really felt great to just run. I was quite nervous when my OS told me that he wanted to see me run on week 12, but he was very confident and the PT likewise was very encouraging. I was really thrilled to be able to do it. I thought was gonna fall off the treadmill, but I did it! Likewise, I was worried that there might be pain in the repair site, but then no pain. My feet were tired though after running for the first time in a while. Still it felt awesome.

Anyway, as somebody on this blog once said, hang in there guys! There is light at the end of the tunnel :-)

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  1. I’m envious of your run, you’re doing very well. Keep up the great rehab! Did your PT/OS suggest the treadmill is safer than running outside or do you prefer the treadmill ?

  2. Hi good day.
    This is Melba from the Philippines I suffer from complete achellis tendon last june 4 I’m on non op treatment just doing some home remedies my achilles went will and attach but unfortunately rerupture again yesterday due to carelessness and I hve no boots for protection on my legs.
    We have no money to have me operated and to buy boots for may protection
    This is so embarassing but I beg for help right now
    I experiencing a lot of pain since day 1.
    We don’t have money to cast my legs
    I begging for those who have already finish their journey and have boots that I can use for my achilles recovery.
    I promise to bring it back once I already recover from this injury.
    Please Help me.
    I’am hoping for your positive response.

    Thank you and God bless.

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