8 weeks - trying to get back to a normal schedule

Hi all! So am exactly at 8 weeks now and just had my doctor’s appointment today.  I have been given the go signal to do standing heel raises as well as seated calf raises but both on flat ground.  Other than that,  no lower body exercises yet though (e.g. Squats, deadlifts).  I was pretty terrified when he asked me to do a heel raise in his office and I thought I couldn’t do it.  Amazingly though was able to do it, but of course had to put around 70% of my weight on the good leg.  But,  I’ll take it.

Was able to finally get back on the road to bike again! Was only able to get around 4km, but it does feel so great to have a semblance of normality with your daily activities.  Have to be careful with the dismounting though but I am hoping it will come back with more practice.

I do still limp a lot when I walk due to lack of push off strength with the repaired foot but if I walk slow enough I can pass off for a normal person :) so now my focus is on strengthening my calves to at least try to get more push when I walk.  I also tried going down the stairs using alternating steps.  Still a challenge but definitely got better compared to week 6.

I do wonder about my ROM though.  My dorsi flexion is coming along fine but I still feel tightness in my instep when I do plantar flexion.  I asked my doc and he said it means I have to continue stretching it.  Thing is the only stretch the PT showed me was wall stretches which I think are good for dorsi flexion.  By any chance, can anyone tell me what good stretching method can I do to improve my plantar flexion?

Been a great 2 weeks since I got into 2 shoes and I really feel excited for a lot of us who will be getting into 2 shoes soon. Good luck all and keep the faith!

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  1. Hey Timothy I’m so happy you’re happy with your care and progress. As we know your doc is at the very extreme of aggressive protocols and you seem to have come through with flying colors!. I think I started double leg standing heel raises at around the same time…I think you’ll find they progress pretty quick…I also did the theraband to build calf strength, are you doing that? If not I found it the fastest, easiest way to build it. I think it was 10 - 12 weeks I started lunges, squats. That limp should go away with strength and ROM. You can google image “stretches for plantar flexion” and you’ll find lots to do. Be sure you stretch not only the gastroc which is the one st retch you are doing, but also the soleus. You could also google image “calf stretches”.

  2. Oh also…you probably already know this but be careful not to go too deep into the stretch, just to the point of that “good” feeling…you shouldn’t feel any pain…never force a stretch anywhere on your body. Pulling or jerking, even pulsing a stretch probably isn’t a good idea. I did lots of reading on current stretching research in general, it’s good to get informed as you’ll be working out more and more, or just ask your PT to educate you. YAY!

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