Swimming and other stuff?

So here I am at 1 month post on and FWB in the air cast boot.  I have tried to keep myself as active as possible by walking, upper body exercises and1 legged exercises for my lower body. Although my body seems to be craving for more activity.

I just got back from the beach and was totally bummed that I was not able to swim or go kayaking (but still happy that I got to go as I thought it was impossible when I got my rupture).

After reading up on the different posts here it seems that swimming was one of the activities that is very acceptable for atr rehab.  I wonder though is this something that most of you had to get approval from your OS or Pt before you started? Likewise, I have read that some people are able to stand in the pool with both legs.

So can I just jump (or roll) right in and stand/walk in the pool? The pool near our house is around chest to shoulder deep so I am assuming this is a pretty good depth.

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  1. My doc was pretty open to laps once we lost the boot at 6 weeks. I’ll test that thesis next week when we meet! I’ve seen the descriptions of walking impartial submerged state and hope to wrap it into my recovery.

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