8 weeks - trying to get back to a normal schedule

Hi all! So am exactly at 8 weeks now and just had my doctor’s appointment today.  I have been given the go signal to do standing heel raises as well as seated calf raises but both on flat ground.  Other than that,  no lower body exercises yet though (e.g. Squats, deadlifts).  I was pretty terrified [...]

6 weeks and two shoes!

Hi all, just wanted to post an update as I am really excited to be in 2 shoes now! It is exactly 6 weeks since my operation and doc has given me the go ahead to transition into two shoes.  It is really liberating but the first few steps were really quite disorienting as it [...]

Swimming and other stuff?

So here I am at 1 month post on and FWB in the air cast boot.  I have tried to keep myself as active as possible by walking, upper body exercises and1 legged exercises for my lower body. Although my body seems to be craving for more activity.
I just got back from the beach and [...]