Decisions, decisions

So–if I am authorized to walk around the house (but not out in the icy uneven surfaces of nature) in two shoes, but with a wedge, am I now in the 2 shoe category?  Am I Full Weight Bearing?   My own inclination is to wait for these two milestones until a week from now–when I am authorized to ditch the boot, even outside, although will still be with the wedge for two more weeks after that.

See, I am hobbling around the house, occasionally, very occasionally, in just my bare feet–certainly in the morning, when I take a shower standing up.   I can’t say that my doctor has told me to do this–but neither has he forbidden it. And since I’m mostly a ask-for-forgiveness-rather-than-permission sort of guy, who is nevertheless very careful, I’m not going to ring up his office to talk about it.  I might discuss it with my PT next week when I meet them for the first time.  Since I hear that they are in general pushy types, they might even approve.   As long as I’m careful (I’m 7 weeks post-ATR, and 6.5 weeks post-op).  Still, it’s not really fulltime FWB, and certainly I can’t lay claim to 2 Shoes when I’m wearing the boot out of doors.  So I will patiently wait to update my profile, while I slowly inch my way across Brooklyn.

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