On contemplating my left foot in a shoe

So, today I see the orthopod.  It’s day um 44? since my operation.   I’ve been practicing walking barefoot since Monday.  But the doc doesn’t even ask me to stand up barefoot!?*!  He does like the way it looks, mostly.   But he seems unhappy with a scab on the incision line near my heel.  It is, however, nothing more than rubbing against the back of the hard part of the boot. He is satisfied with that.

There’s kind of a swollen lump on one side, but he squeezes my calves for a while, and again is satisfied.  So he says I can lose the boot.  But, since it’s January in a 4-season area, I should wear the boot outside for the next week.  OK–I can live with that.  He says to start therapy, and writes a prescription for a PT group near my home.  (I later call them, after ascertaining that they are in my approved network, of course, and I start Wednesday.)

The next big question is: can I take a vacation, starting in about 10 days, in Hawai’i?   He says Yes!   Walking, hiking, swimming, it’s all fine.   Walking around on the sand–well, maybe a different story.   He suggests I take the boot along.  :-(   I do not want to do this.  We will see.

And he said I should wear a wedge in my shoe (well, both shoes, just to keep it even).  I don’t like this. It felt funny at first.  I think “hey, I’ve been walking around barefoot–why do i need to wear a wedge?”   But I don’t–there’s no point arguing with a surgeon.

I talk to the tech about the free styrofoam wedge; I try it.   She says there is a gel-type, but not covered by insurance.  Only $24.  I want to try them, and when I do they are definitely worth it.  I get a pair.  It feels funny, but I am walking in two shoes!  Or limping or shuffling or gimping or whatever.    I like it–even tho’ I am now back to using the cane.   If it’s an uneven surface.

He says “come back in six weeks”, and leaves.  I’m packing up, but I realize “does he want me in this wedge for //six// weeks/?”  The tech says she will find out.  As I get /both/ of my shoes on (I brought the left one hoping for this moment) she says “three weeks, then you can lose it if it feels OK.”.  Which I certainly expect it to.

I’ve spent the rest of the day walking around in my SHOES.  It’s a mixed blessing, but I want it.  I recognize that maybe I’ll have to take it easy tomorrow.  No talk about compression sox or anything, but maybe I’ll do that myself.  The doc says the swelling and thickening will continue for up to a year!  Looks like I won’t be forgetting this anytime soon, even aside from the limp.

I’ll take the cane out with me when I go out–you look better limping with one in your hand rather than just dragging your leg along.  I have some errands to do tomorrow; I’ll see how it goes.   But I’m very glad!

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  1. That’s great you can go to Hawaii. My doctor is a “no wedge” guy and I seem to be coming along OK. I’m still in a boot, but never had any wedges. So tell your doc you hate the wedge and he might say fine, don’t use them. So now I have 2 things I want to do- walk in 2 shoes and go to Hawaii!

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