8 wks post-op, PT #2–compression sox and devices?

Don’t get me wrong; it ’s not that I don’t want my PT–it’s just that it’s hard to deliberately make yourself feel worse, just because you have faith in the concept that it will make you feel better.   I have noted that in general I wake up and feel relatively strong, walkable, I get [...]

My first PT–or Am I lucky or what?

Seven weeks post-op., and my first PT visit.  I’m not exactly apprehensive, nor anxious–but I’m sort of pacing in anticipation.  I’m hoping for a next step (as it were). Am I doing OK?  Can I just proceed?   I’ve been practicing walking barefoot on both feet.  I’ve even tried to balance on my bad leg–since [...]

Watson update

I was wrong.  While in parts of the Holmes canon all it says is Watson’s injury is caused by a bullet thru his leg, in The Sign of Four Holmes is referring to a chase he and Watson are having and refers to it as  a “six-mile limp for a half-pay officer with a damaged [...]

John Watson, M.D.–role model?

We saw the new Sherlock Holmes today.  In this version, Jude Law plays Dr. Watson–superlatively.  He manages to always walk with a limp, just as the original Watson did–even when he (Jude) is beating up the bad guys.   As we all know,  Watson was injured in his leg (well, originally his shoulder but the [...]

Decisions, decisions

So–if I am authorized to walk around the house (but not out in the icy uneven surfaces of nature) in two shoes, but with a wedge, am I now in the 2 shoe category?  Am I Full Weight Bearing?   My own inclination is to wait for these two milestones until a week from now–when [...]

On contemplating my left foot in a shoe

So, today I see the orthopod.  It’s day um 44? since my operation.   I’ve been practicing walking barefoot since Monday.  But the doc doesn’t even ask me to stand up barefoot!?*!  He does like the way it looks, mostly.   But he seems unhappy with a scab on the incision line near my heel. [...]

Boot–the last week (I hope)

When we returned from “vac”, which is more work than leisure, I began to feel better, as noted previously.   Then there was a marked improvement in the last few days.   I read a bunch of posts, all of which were about various (unnamed) people who were surreptitiously walking around in their bare feet [...]

Boot: Days 15-25–Noticeable progress

I hope this is my last catch-up post.  I’m on day 28 with my boot, which I hope to get off tomorrow and start rehab.  But there is a significant stage I experienced during the last couple of weeks I wanted to document.
After Christmas, we (that is, she) drove back home the 10 hours from [...]

Boot–the first two weeks

Freedom is a relative thing.   The boot is heavy, awkward, and gimpy-looking and -feeling.   But not being on crutches is wonderful!  I took them with me going around the house for a day or two, but they have been resting by my bed since the 2nd or 3rd day I got the boot. [...]

Day 17: I get my boot!

Back to the orthopod the next Friday.   Unwrapped again.   They start pulling out stitches.  ”Oh, this looks good”, they say. It’s hideous, but whatever.   Then they cover it back up with Steri-strips.
“Do you have a sock?”  No; I thought about bringing one but didn’t.  They give me a compression stocking without toes. [...]