Posted by: timbertopper | May 16, 2010

Better Late than Never

Hi All,

I have only found this site recently and I am already some weeks down the line post-op.  Thanks to everyone whose experiences I have read and for the ideas I have borrowed to make my life easier in the last week.  I wish I had found it earlier!

I have not been a blogger before so my Achilles rupture has given me at least this positive of learning a new activity.  My aim for my blog is as a point of reference for me to remember where I have been, to help me focus on what is next and maybe to help someone else in the same way many of the current blogs have helped me. 

I am off for my first physio appointment this am so only have a short time frame to post this blog but will fill in more details over the next days.  Although I am only 7 1/2 weeks post injury and 6 1/2 post op, I had already spent 6 weeks limping from previous lower leg injuries so it feels like a long time not being me.  However I have been PWB for one week and already enjoying the change of locomotion and looking forward to more slow and steady progress.

Good luck to All!


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