10 weeks post-op today!

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s been ten whole weeks since surgery.   Some weeks seemed to go by VERY slow…others weeks seemed to go by a little faster.

Last time I wrote an entry, I was just a few days or so away from my second post-op appointment with my surgeon.   That appointment went very well!  He gave me the okay to get more aggressive in PT, I got to ditch the boot (for day and night), went to two wedges in my shoe, I was given the clear to drive, and he said he even thought I could lose the crutches (but I wasn’t there quite yet, so have been on one).

Since then, I’ve been doing more exercises in PT and at home, and have been able to peel a couple of slivers from one wedge (so I’m on a wedge and a third).  My physical therapist wants me to remove one layer each week, as well as practice walking at home without the crutch.  I know I still have months ahead until full recovery, but I’m so excited about how far I’ve come in the last few weeks.  This scar tissue is crazy though…I don’t work it out as hard as my PT does, but I try.

Some additional exercises I get to do now: wall sits, squats, standing heel raises (on both feet, supported as needed), single leg balance (supported as needed), standing toe raises, standing calf stretch, bridges (feet on ground, feet on bosu ball, and feet on exercise ball).

Well, I’m off to PT soon…and did most of my exercises and iced earlier too.

Gotta put in the work so I can ditch this crutch soon, and make my way to fully being back in two shoes!

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  1. yeah, losing the crutch will be a big move. Funny, I lost the crutches before I lost the boot. It was a few days of transition when I lost the boot, and went to walking in two shoes. At first I was very scared and shaky with just the shoes, so I confined that to the house, walking back and forth, and would put the boot on for showering, going outside, etc. Keep plugging along. There is a sign in my PT place: Slow progress is better than no progress.
    I also saw one on “Fixer Upper” the TV show that said “It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop”. Keep up the good work!

  2. Way to go! Great that you’re doing all your PT and that you’re making good progress! What I found with the crutch is that I would just forget to take it with me as I went from one room to another and that was when I realized I didn’t need it. :) Keep on doing those exercises!

  3. Awesome progress! Like dan914, I ditched the crutch way before I got rid of the boot. I sounds like we’re doing a lot of the same PT exercise as well. It’s amazing how much progress you can see in just a few weeks. Keep up the great work!

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