Staples & sutures

There we about thirty staples removed from my incision at my post-op earlier this afternoon.  Then the sutures (not quite as many).  It was little bit painful, but not too bad.  And probably took about 10 minutes, if that, to remove everything.

So happy to have them out!


3 Responses to “Staples & sutures”

  1. The foot looks pretty good considering! Not much swelling which is excellent! So are you booted now?

  2. Looking good! I think I had more swelling than you did at that stage. How’s the boot treating you? I’m loving being able to shower without a plastic leg protector on! But so much dead skin…ugh! I’ve also been taking it off when I’m watching tv to do some light stretching, which makes me feel like I’m actually doing something.

  3. I am booted now….I didn’t realize how heavy this thing was going to be! :) But happy to have the cast off nonetheless.

    I took it off to shower, which was awesome! All the dead skin = disgusting! hahaha!!

    I loosened the straps a couple of times yesterday while I was reading and watching tv. I haven’t attempted any stretching yet. And yeah, my surgeon said it looked great and was pleased that there wasn’t much swelling.

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