How did this happen!??

I’m a fairly active and in shape person.  I practiced yoga a few times a week, did HIIT/circuits at home a couple of times a week, a little bit of weight training (also at home), hike, bike, and run around on the playground with my kids.  Aging, I have some aches and pains here and there, but nothing that ever stopped me.
Luckily, I only had about a five minute drive home.  I took a shower, then R.I.C.E.’d up for an hour or so before bed.  I wasn’t able to get in to see my doctor until first thing Friday morning, and he ordered an MRI.  I finally got in for that on Tuesday, but it was still another nine days before I was able to see the ortho my doctor had referred me to.
By the time I saw him, I had done a little bit of research online.  I felt as if surgery was the route I wanted to go.  He didn’t pressure me either way, but when I let him know I’d be opting for surgery, he said “this needs to be done now.  Surgery will be tomorrow.”   WOW!!  That was a shock, but at this point I was fifteen days past the injury.  I had been driving still, and getting around on a knee scooter and crutches otherwise.  But I knew whatever the next step would be needed to happen quickly, so as not to make the injury worse.
So after about 15 years of not being on the softball field, I started playing with a co-ed team.  It’s fairly low-key, but somewhat competitive.  The first night I played (Wednesday), the team had a rare double-header (they were filling in for a team that dropped from the league).  The first game, I played right field.  Not much action, mostly running to back up other fielders.  I hit a couple of times, made it around the bases.  I was probably playing harder than I needed to, but I was so excited to be on the field again!  (I grew up watching baseball and playing softball & fastpitch.  Baseball has always been and will always be my favorite sport!)
The games are only an hour, so we had about five minutes before the next one started.  I felt warmed up enough, so didn’t stretch much in between.  Plus, I was trying to be smart and not overdo it, so I volunteered to be catcher for the second game.  No crouching, no gear, literally standing there, as each team pitches to their own players.  Still in the first inning, I took two steps to catch a throw that was coming to me, and….SNAP!!!  I went down.  It felt like someone had taken a crack to my ankle with a bat.  The ump thought I jammed my ankle in a little dip that was by home plate, but that just put it over the edge (playing in brand new cleats didn’t help either).  My teammates helped me to the bench, got me some ice, and I elevated as much as I could while I stayed to watch the game.
So here I am now, three weeks and three days post op.  Still sometimes thinking…if only it hadn’t been a double-header.  Oh well!

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