Posted by: tiancai17 | October 31, 2008

Slipped on a bone!

Cannot emphasize what others have said in this forum enough - you have to be very careful!! I was not paying attention when I was walking around with crutches and one of my crutches landed on a dog bone that was hidden around the corner. I was 3 weeks post-op and to balance myself I put pressure on the injured foot. I felt sharp pain all around, mostly in the wound area. It hurt a lot!! Now there are still some lingering pain. Went to the doctor’s office on Thursday to get check it out, everything looked okay but definitely some soreness so I requested a MRI for a peace of mind. I got the MRI last night and have to wait another week to get my results because my doctor is only in clinic once a week. Very frustrating to say the least.


It will certainly be a long wait for you, but I think all will be OK, we all have ‘those’ moments when the foot goes down and it scares us.

What a fabulous picture on your page, although you wouldn’t catch me going up in that cable car, I’m afraid of heights!! But it does look fantastic


Don’t worry. There have been lots of stories about people putting weight on their bad foot. I had an early wipe-out myself at the beginning. Good to get it checked though, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.
I didn’t do any exercises prior to physio because I was in a hard cast the whole time.
I can drive normally with my right foot only. It doesn’t hurt to step on the brake. Although you are talking about driving at 6 weeks. I was 10.5 weeks, so it may be different for you.
Good luck with your healing. Not much longer until you are weight-bearing, and things get much easier then.

I echo the other sentiments…most likely nothing to worry about as you would definitely remember the familiar POP of the AT rupturing again. As the newly repaired tendon is still in the early stages of healing it will hurt when doing something. As mentioned above, we all do it! (and maybe multiple times!)

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