Posted by: tiancai17 | October 26, 2008

Driving with injured foot?

I am just curious when others started to drive again with their injured foot? How does it feel? Is it harder to press on the brake versus the accelerator? I injured my right foot and my doctor said I could start driving again 6 weeks post-op. Currently, I am a little over 3 weeks post-op and will see my doctor again in 2 weeks but at this point I am still NWB.


I didn’t start driving until 12 weeks because I was in plaster cast until 11 weeks. Even then I was told to be very careful because emergency braking could cause microtears in the recovering tendon

I also started driving at 12 weeks even though I was in cast for 6 weeks and boot for 2 more. I am now 20 weeks and have become so use to braking with my left (uninjured foot) and using only the accelerator with my right. I still drive that way as I don’t have all strength back in my right ankle. It works for me….

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